The Boondock Kids

THE BOONDOCK KIDS is the story Mario Gunzel, Louis Honeydew, Sindy Seal and Cristena Johnson who live in the quaint, little town of Red Hill, Oregon. Known as The Boondock Kids because they are always seen sitting together in the back corner of their classroom, often frequent the home of Mrs. Ragsby, the local, well-known gardener.

Trabatian 2One day, while at Mrs. Ragsby’s house, the four discover a secret door in the attic. Entering through the doorway, Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena discover a mysterious realm known as Spyderia. There they befriend a common Eldenthorn name Kelmare and are overwhelmed by the beauty of Spyderia. However, when evil approaches, Kelmare whisks the four back to Red Hill. whimsicWith curiosity running ramped, The Boondock Kids decide to return to Spyderia and discover a local resident of Red Hill, long since believed to be dead being held captive by the self-proclaimed ruler of Spyderia, Queen Zardana who uses her magic to enlist some of Spyderia’s worst creatures to help her gain complete control, not just of Spyderia but modern day earth as well.

Second rendering of The Articians by Danny Kluis.

Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena stand strong together and nearly bring Spyderia to its knees as they battle the quick as lightning wizards, The Whimsics, the ruthless ice demons, The Articians and a three hundred foot water monster known as an Abyssian in an effort to rid Spyderia of Queen Zardana,  protect Red Hill and return a member of their community home.













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