Crushing 2018

I can’t say enough about how wonderful 2018 is and will be! This is the year that I continue the journey towards achieving my goals and making my dreams a reality!


It snowed here on Friday, enough that they closed the local schools and I spent the afternoon with my sons in the backyard. We made snow angels, threw snowballs and drank hot chocolate as we warmed up! I may be finding my was to success but it means nothing if I am not making positive memories with my children who are my why!

After my sons went back home, which is just next door as I rent a home to their mother and step-father. I love being so close to my kids and thank my God for allowing such an opportunity to be here. Anyhow, after they walked home, I found myself online when I came across a question from my friend Boyd, a biohacker extraordinaire, who ask for all of his friends to post a song that fit their moods right then.

I had been pumped for 2018 and began thinking of a movie that I had not seen in some time. An eighties movie called ‘The Secret of My Success’ staring Micheal J. Fox. That soundtrack has a song performed by Pat Benetar called, ‘Sometimes The Good Guys Finish First’. I had to post that song!

Thank got me to really thinking about what I still feared and the desire to take those head on! We have but one life and I am a successful author and speaker, now it is time to go out there and get what is mine!

I woke up and went in on this Martin Luther King day (my personal thank you to Dr. King for having his own dream and going after it), and went into work at the high school and helped clear snow off the walkways. I was blessed to use a snow blower but found myself getting quite cold after four hours. I watched as the snow came out and thought to myself, ‘There is more and I am going to get it!’

Now, with school being out tomorrow also due to the weather, I will be returning to work in the morning to do a bit more before moving inside for a short time. It will be a short day but enough to inspire me to work even harder to make each day my own! Before I go, I want to wish you a safe and warm rest of the week. If your reading this and have a school I can come and speak at, LET ME KNOW! We’ll make something happen! Have a great day ahead everyone!!

P.S. I got back into The Boondock Kids today and completed pages seventy-three and seventy-four!

On Our Way To Serabantha Castle

I was able to write page an half of The Boondock Kids and with that, planning to take a jog before picking up my kids for the weekend. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

With dinner underway, The Boondock Kids begin to explain that Kelmare is taking them to Serabantha Castle and to see Queen Zardanin.

This concerned Rascone until Kelmare explained that they would be looking throw a telescope from the safe distance of Raven Pass. It was then questioned about the safety of the kids journey when Rascone explained that Queen Zardanin was not on her throne by those of Spyderia but, by her own force through her ability to control magic in order to control others.

Kelmare then lightened the discussion by explaining that they were going to be able to still view the queen safely because most of the time, she was not one to put others in danger and only did so when her reign was threatened by others.

Rascone explained that she held control of the Zephermyte Army and that would likely secure her reign until her time comes to pass naturally.

Surprisingly, The Boondock Kids remain just as intrigued to see her. Kelmare explained that he hoped to use his telescope to view one of the queens daily appearance ceremonies at the castle.


The Woodenware

The last page of The Boondock Kids, saw Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena, finding out their was no food in their bowls and no drink in their cups.

It was from there that the four friends appeared puzzled. Rascone did not realize that The Boondock Kids had never seen Woodenware before. He then explained to his four new friends that with Woodenware, one could wish up any meal they desired and it would be created. This idea made the four friends very excited and unanimously, they all agree they wanted macaroni and cheese for supper.

They thought of mac n cheese, but when they took the lids off of their bowls, they found nothing was there. Rascone then suggested to them that they focus very hard on their meal in detail. Being a meal that was not known to Spyderia, the Woodware would have to learn it before creating it.

They placed the lids back on their bowls and focused. After a moment, Kelmare  asked them to look this time. When they removed the lids, Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena found a bowl full of steamy, cheesy macaroni in front of them. Mario and Louis were the first to try their dinner and found it to be the best ever. Sindy and Cristena began to eat theirs and could not disagree.

When they became thirsty, they each thought of their favorite drink and watched as the cups began to fill with just what they had imagined. Mario had soda, Louis had apple juice, Sindy had sweet tea and Cristena chose milk.

As they ate Rascone was overwhelmed with how great the meal looked and was encouraged to create his own. At first taste, Rascone was shocked at how delicious his meal was and encouraged Kelmare to try the new coarse as well. Everyone sat around the short table and basket in the marvel of their new discoveries.

So, it’s about time to head to my evening job, I wish you a pleasant afternoon and many of your own discoveries!


Overnight In Spyderia

Today was a great day! I spent much of it with my two younger sons and made some memories and what is better that making great memories! We began with a homemade breakfast of eggs, sausage and toast. My children love our breakfast together and I love watching them come into the kitchen and smile as the eggs cooked in the skillet, the sausage cooks in the microwave and the toast warms in the toaster.

After eating, we played many games of Luigi’s Ghost Mansion and Mario Chase before ending it up with a several games of Paw Patrol Board Game, which we love to play. I then went next door and began to paint my second son’s room before realizing that I had picked up a bad batch of paint which I will correct tomorrow.

As the sun set, I hugged my children goodnight and returned home to make my dinner and get back to work on the next page of The Boondock Kids. Tonight I did something different. I wrote while listening to motivational speeches and find myself empowered and after this great weekend, I know that I am now empowered to reach out there and take my goals and make those goals my reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Boondock Kids found themselves in Warrenstead and discover more about Kelmare’s ability to use the Spyderian Escalator and transport everyone out of harms way. He explains that Eldenthornes have an ability that other creatures lack in the ability to manipulate the Spyderian Escalator and use it to move from one point to another within the blink of an eye. When Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena joined hands, they created a ring and once Kelmare touched that ring, he was able to transport himself and The Boondock Kids to safety.

Kelmare then noted that they were much closer to Serabantha Castle and would be there by morning if they walked until dark and then rested. Staying overnight in Spyderia worried Sindy. Mario reminded her that when they decided to return home that it would be the same time it was when they had left. Sindy knew that but was rather worried about staying overnight in Spyderia. She did not want to stay outside where she felt they would not be safe. Kelmare explained that the inhabitants of Warrenstead were the friendly Platidons and he had a very close friend name Rascone who would let them stay in his dwelling.

Platidons live in beautiful and comfortable burrows and would give The Boondock Kids a safe place to rest before reaching Serabantha Castle. Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena felt good with Kelmare’s assurance that Rascone was most friendly and provided a place to rest. They wanted to see the castle and agreed to meeting Kelmare’s friend and resting for a spell.

And with that, a new week is about to arrive and I will be meeting it head on and with passion. I hope you will do the same and enjoy your wonderful Monday!

Chased By Whimsics


This week has been a difficult one for me. The truth is, my positive train derailed and led to a very rough and uncomfortable Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I drove this crazy train for many months now, staying focused, being positive and creating some successes here and there. With that daily grind, stress began to build over those months and many things unraveled in the middle of this week, leaving me worse for wear. Just like with any success, strain means that your growing.

I stumbled over those three days and spent most of it trying to force myself back on my feet to carry on. I realized that it happens sometimes and regardless of what happens in those moments of strain, my character is building and who I am is being molded into a success.

I remembered to focus on all that I have invested in myself and thank my God for understanding why I fell. Tonight I sat down and cranked out not one page but two pages in The Boondock Kids and have gotten them into the wonderful land of Warrenstead.

I refuse to lay down, the struggle hurts, but you want to know the truth? Doing nothing hurts worse!! I could choose to lay down, I could take the easy path and say what I have is good enough, but IT ISN’T!!! I will become a successful FULL-TIME author and I will not get there by laying down! I was hit hard for the first time in a long while, but those I was hit hard, I will keep going! I will not stop for nothing and nobody!! Now to tonight’s writing!

Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena stood on a plateau with Kelmare inside the Clawthorne Mountains. They began to feel as if something was coming and found themselves standing face to face with a Whimsic at last entry.

Kelmare begins to explain that if they make there way, slowly down the side of the plateau, perhaps one Whimsic will not attack them. Staying together would confuse the Whimsic into thinking that together, they were one single being.

Mario, Sindy and Kelmare began to back away while Louis and Cristena froze in their tracks at the site of second Whimsic. When Sindy realized that they were in trouble she alerted Mario and Kelmare. Kelmare then slowly made his way towards Louis and Cristena, who had decided to attempt slowly backtracking.

Suddenly a third Whimsic appeared and the three began staring at the five before them. Kelmare only reached halfway towards Louis and Cristena before the Whimsics quickly raised their arms and signaled an attack. Kelmare hollered for his friends to run down the slop next to the plateau as fast as they could. Mario and Sindy quickly made their way down the slop while Kelmare reached the edge of the plateau and turned to see that Louis and Cristena were going to reach the slop.

Kelmare then began his decent down the slop, followed by Louis and Cristena.Kelmare caught up with Mario and Sindy and snatched them up and wisked them around the corner of a large boulder. He asked them to quickly hold a hand and wait for his instruction. Kelmare then peered around the corner just in time to see Louis and Cristena. He quickly swooped them up and around the boulder.

Asking everyone to hold hands, the howling sounds of the approaching Whimsics could be heard. Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena were scared and closed their eyes. Feeling the Whimsics almost upon them, Kelmare placed his hands on the shoulders of Sindy and Cristena, who where right in front of him and the five disappeared from behind the boulder.

Just then, the Whimsics bolted around the boulder and let out loud shrieks that echoed the valley. They had lost their victims and where not happy about it.

Everyone would open their eyes and find themselves in a pleasant meadow that was covered with gentle grasses and wheeping willow trees. A calm breeze blew and skky light cast shadows of the trees on the meadow.

Louis asked where they were and Kelmare replied that they were now in the land of Warenstead.

It is now almost midnight and 5:30 will come soon. Time to head off to bed and prepare for a day that will see me back on my feet! Have a wonderful Monday and live it to the fullest!

Something’s Coming!!

My plans last night was to work on The Boondock Kids once my boys had gone to bed. I was not thinking about the grass I would have to cut though. I had let both of my yards go for too long between writing on the weekends and working on my rental house. I had to mow and ran into trouble about 20 minutes later.

My second mower quite running because the high grass over heated the motor, leaving me with a much cheaper push mower as the only option left to cut the grass. What only takes one hour to mow, took just over three hours. I was very hot and admit that my woork schedule had a say in my tiredness last night.

I picked up my boys and spent the night ordering a pizza and having a great dinner. As we sat around the living room eating, I struggled to remain awake. As 9:30 came around, Rylen was already asleep while Lynden was growing tired. we all decided to turn in and call things a night. Only Ethan remained awake, watching television for a short time.

This morning we had another great breakfast and played some board games and even a little on the Nintendo which has become a Sunday afternoon routine for us now. Lynden and Ethan went with their mother on a short trip while Rylen and I drove one town over and ordered two vanilla milkshakes. The store was busy, giving us a reason to take a country drive as we drank our shakes.

We eventually came into another neighboring town and decided to visit so grandparents. It was a good time spent and allowed me a great evening with Rylen. Then it was time for him to return next door to his mother and I began laundry. Done and put away, I sat down and worked in another page of The Boondock Kids.

The Kids were all laughing at Kelmare and his comment that a classroom seemed to be a wonderful place to sit. It was then that they reached a large plateau area that gave them a vast area in the mountains that allowed them to see various levels of mist in the air.

Kelmare was asked how they were to go any further and he happily pointed out a gentle slope that led off of the left side of the plateau and further along in the valley. Mario and Sindy led the way towards the slope when Louis stopped. When asked what was wrong, he replied that something did not feel right and he felt as though something was coming.

Mario and Sindy did not feel anything and assume that Louis’s fear of heights might have their friend a bit nervous. As they began to make their way over the side, Cristena also stopped, saying she too felt as though something was coming. Kelmare then peered over the edge of the plateau for a moment but could not see anything.

Louis and Cristena made their way towards the center of the plateau  and began to look around. This made Mario and Sindy slightly cautious as they moved away from the slope and towards the center as well.

The, From out of nowhere, a seven foot tall creature floated up from the valley and hovered just over the edge of the plateau. I had long pointed fingeres and toes, white spiked hair and had cobalt black eyes that almost appeared hollow. It’s black duster overcoat flapped in the air as the creature hovered.

Sindy asked what this creature was and Kelmare knew immediatly that they were in trouble because before them was a Whimsic!!

As the day ends and a new week begins, I want to wish you a wonderful Monday! Oh, I almost forget, a date of October 3rd has been set for me talking to a high school writing class. I am super excited about this and look forward to setting a concrete time.

Work, Rest, The Boondock Kids and Barney & Lexi

As Saturday found it’s way to the noon hour, I was freed from the bonds of a ‘day job’ and made my way home to spend some time with my kids before they left for a weekend getaway with their mother and step-father.

Lynden had gone with me to work at my evening job and was a huge help for me! Since he had spent the night, Ethan and Rylen came over to see me before leaving. As Rylen watched cartoons, I watched Ethan play a game on his tablet. Lol, it was here that a 70 hour work week was catching up.

I watched Ethan play but at times heard him ask, “Are you getting sleepy Dad?” I did my best to hide it but he is so good at seeing right through it and knew I was a bit sleepy. None the less I watched him play for a while before it was time for them to go on there little trip.

I laid down for a rest after they left when 20 minutes into that rest, my mother called and invited me to eat with her and her husband in a town over from me. I went out and had a great evening, even if my Pasta Alfredo was not the greatest. I came home with a full stomach and with the sleep setting in, decided to take a night off of work on my writing.

I woke up at 10 a.m. which is very late for me, but I felt well rested. I caught up on the national news for some of the morning before going to my rental house and scraping the walls of loose paint, taking down light fixtures and removing outlet covers so I can clean the walls and begin painting.

As the evening closed in, I finished my work and returned home to shower and begin work on more queries for Barney & Lexi. I know that an agency is interested in B&L but with so much on the line, I do not want to simply sit back on my laurels and expect it to just come to me. I have to wait until 2017 and want to know that I covered all of my bases. I sent out three more Query Letters tonight. I have learned that researching the agent is such a good measure because you don’t want to write someone who has no interest in your writing, plus, showing you care about there interests is a big plus to showing your attention to them as well.

I then did my laundry and went to work on another page of The Boondock Kids.

As the kids walked with Kelmare through the Clawthorne Mountains, the four realized that they had moved a great distance while not feeling as though they had moved that far. Kelmare explained that, in Spyderia, time can pull on your steps in micro ways that when you don’t realize it, can pull you along without any sense being known. This confused Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena.

Kelmare explains that when they aren’t thinking about gravity and distance, they become part of the Spyderian Escalator which can pull there steps micro steps further and making one step closer to two without them even noticing it. Kelmare then explains that his species is able to move quickly from one point to another because they have the ability to control their thoughts in a way that they move rapidly across the escalator.

Cristena then questions how Kelmare can help them move from danger with him since they can not control their thoughts as well. Kelmare then notes that when physically connected by holding handles, time does not know the difference and assumes that the connected entity is Kelmare and all would be transported at his speed.

Although complex, The Boondock Kids are intrigued by this process and continue onward through the mountains.

Well, it is now time for my bed and I to say goodnight. Work will come early and last late so I want to wish you a wonderful Monday ahead and hope you make the most of the new day!

Taking A Full Day Off

I had planned to write tonight on The Boondock Kids, but I worked 70 hours this week and am feeling it on my first of two nights off. I have decided that I am taking this night off from it all and gonna let my body recharge. I will work another page out tomorrow and plan do some more work with Barney & Lexi. Have a wonderful Saturday Night!