Your NOT Stressed, Your Pushing Forward!

What a week this past week has been!

It took off great and then came Monday evening and it was time for my kids baseball in the country. I asked Lynden to bring his dog, Raskel in from outside. On nice days, I put Raskel out so she can soak up the sun. She is 8 years old and I want her to keep getting sunlight, even though she is a inside dog.

Lynden, came back inside and had a worried look on his face. He told me that Raskel was not outside! For the past couple of months, someone has been coming into the yard and letting her off of her chain. On those occasions, she could always be found in the flowerbed by dusk and we would let her back inside. This time was different, this time, she did not return home.

We left for baseball and I assured Lynden that she would be back and felt my heart drop when we returned and she was not there. Over the coarse of the next three days, I drove across town, up and down the road, slowly, betting I would find Raskel walking down the sidewalk. After almost a week, she was nowhere to be found.

Then I got word that she may have been found up the street and could be seen from the alley behind a home that was being remodeled. I took off up the road and after an hour of walking, looking and hoping, I did not find her.

Then came Sunday! As Ethan, Rylen and I left for dinner, Lynden was staying at his mother’s house because he had had an oral surgery on his wisdom teeth and was still recovering. It was then that I looked up the alley and thought I may have seen Raskel. We drove down the alley and on the back deck of the remodeled home was Raskel!! I could not be happier to find her and could see she was happy to see us!

We took her back home and I asked Lynden to come down for a moment, but did not tell him why.


The moment his eyes seen Raskel, he dove to the floor and a 13 year old boy was the happiest he had ever been! He threw his arms around her and hugged her for five minutes. The week began great and finished great but in-between, was growth!


Now, one day removed from the beginning of the work week, I have now spent two days laying out and completing my second picture book! Every Road, Every Season -Summer Edition- is now published through Lulu and makes the ninth book I am blessed to author!


I am proud of how this turned out and look forward to getting a copy in the mail! This is one small step to a large goal and I am determined to keep on, keeping on! With that work completed, it is now time for the last week of country ball to begin. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and always look forward to hearing from you! Thank you so very much for following and reading!

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Wins & Loses

Today was a rough day at my day job. Negative personalities are never good for anyone. A positive came in the form of a phone call from the local Farm Bureau office informing me that I had taken second place in their rural photo contest! I received a $30.00 check and will have my photo in the paper as well as framed and hung in the Farm Bureau office!

That good news could not be brought down by the day or a couple more rejections from potential agents. I read the rejection emails and before I read the word ‘Sincerely’, I was moving on to something else more positive.

My evening job went well and I look forward to my first full paycheck from there so I can put it into my ‘writing savings account’. I am proud to have this money go towards my future!

Whether there are wins or loses, one thing is for certain, I will move forward and not look back! Life is short, go long!

Have a wonderful Tuesday and keep your head up!

The Second Day Of 1st For Me!

Boy was it hot today! The air conditioners at my day job almost quit and the store-front was very, very warm. I was very happy to return home and get a refreshing shower before heading of to my evening job. I admit that my back is a bit sore tonight but I believe the heat helped with that today. I do enjoy entering a cool building and working until my work is done though.

Regardless of the heat, I am very excited with another first for me and my writing! The editor of Tri-State OUTDOOR Magazine contacted me today and asked if I would work up an article on my picture book project for the upcoming Fall issue of the magazine! I quickly said yes and after gathering just a few specifics, I now have a new article to write and get sent in before the October 10th deadline! And the 1st for me is that I will be paid $40.00 for the article! It has also taken 12 years to make money with my passion and I am so very grateful for that!

When the editor found out about my writing, she informed me that they have a sister publication that might be a good fit for a story about my writing career up to right now. I am in shock some that I may get work into two more magazines this year, and good solid publications at that!!

I also spoke with a teacher who heads up a high school writing class and have confirmed that I will travel to the school in October and speak with her students about the process and dedication it take to hang in there when writing! I will know more as it draws closer.

As for now, I bid you a goodnight. I hope you have a great Thursday and make your mark on the world! Have a great day!!

Next Magazine, Next Contest!

I have to admit that I absolutely enjoy how a rough evening can turn into a great day! All that is needed is hard work, confidence and a positive state.

This morning I woke up and from the start, began telling myself that this was no ordinary day! Today is going to be a day that some positive decisions are made and directions are mapped out.

I began by sitting down and communicating with Tri-State OUTDOOR Magazine and am excited to say that there is a possibility that the work I put into my photo journey a couple of years ago may turn into an article within the magazine! I will know more on that after some more correspondence and will let you all know.

I also took advantage of this day to enter some of my photos into the Lawrence County (IL.) Farm Bureau’s Photo Contest. I developed 79 of my favorites out of 4 or 5 thousand and made the drive to the local branch office. I signed the consent/entry form and left my photos with the receptionist and was on my way.

With a haircut out of the way, it is time for a spot of lunch before going out the door again. I hope everyone’s Friday is wonderful and safe. Never Give Up!!

No Write Night

Well, I had planned to write tonight, but instead, chose to sit down and begin hand writing myself a 2016 list of AAR agents. My goal is tomorrow night, sit down and begin emailing Barney & Lexi out and mail a copy or two out on Saturday. I have been turned down by many of the names that I have seen on the list but each one will get the two lost friends again. Why? Well, fact is, so agents don’t even read queries and toss handfuls away to lower the ‘slush’ pile load. I stopped at 50 agencies complete with names, addresses and email info. Here they come!!

I also wrote my SCWBI group on Yahoo and began seeking out thoughts on my query for B&L. I look forward to some great answers back tomorrow!

My subscription to Poets & Writers is running out and the cash is tight, I hope I can renew soon. I believe things will work out! 🙂

Last night, my oldest son spent the night with me. Wednesday nights are his night just us guys. He has Jazz Band every Thursday morning at 7a.m. and I take him to school to rehearse. I love my nights with him! I am far from a cook, therefore we had baked fish and cheese filled breadsticks, yum! He crashed before he could finish his meal though, so I sat and wrote last nights talk with you. I enjoy our talks as well! 🙂

My ‘Never Quit’ video is now on youtube and it is my hope that you or someone you know may stop by and become lifted by it. Click below to see it!

I spoke with my sons first grade teacher and am scheduled to read to the class this Spring!! I am so excited and just can not wait!! When he finds out, he will have a complete happy meltdown and ask about it for the next two months! 🙂

I also took an email from a local high school lit teacher who has asked if I will speak to her Children’s Lit class next Fall when the class begins. I and siked about that and can not wait!

I also took an email from the Lawrence County Historical Society and look to be rescheduled for my picture book lecture later this year. I can’t begin to tell you how I am ready to do this after having to cancel last year.

Well, that’s about it for tonight. I hope you have a wonderful Friday and find a way to be grateful and Live With Passion!


In Hand


Today, my wife delivered some great news!


My first copy of the first volume of the Spring Edition had arrived and I could not wait to look at it! Having it in my hands fell as though my trek that began three years ago had come full circle. Being my very first picture book, I could not be more excited to see a finished volume in front of me.


One thing that I have been thinking of since then is that instead of three volumes of each season, I may layout a combined edition and publish one edition of Spring as an individual hardback book. I will put more thought into that before deciding but can not hide my happiness over this accomplishment.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday and Live With Passion!

Volume #3 Is Now Out

I am very excited to have all three of my Spring Volumes now out and available. It has been a long road from the very beginning to now but they look wonderful and well worth all of the effort, gas and time.

Before my eyes shut for the night, I want to invite you to check them out! I appreciate the wonderful response and want to thank you for your kind words of support!!

Click below to see Volume #3! And, as always, Live With Passion!!


spring volume 3 cover

A Hot Day

With a heat index of close to 105, I found myself coming home to a cleaner dwelling and an evening of story boarding for the third and final volume of my Spring picture book set. Now as midnight draws near, I wanted to wish you a great Tuesday!

Live With Passion!!