Awesome Run Amuck!


This is a day that I will never forget! It is the day that I looked fear in the eyes and said, “I’m sorry but I want this more than you do!”

Today was the day that I was scheduled to speak to a high school writing class at Lawrenceville High School. It has been over a year ago that I last stood before anyone and talked about my writing. That audience was an amazing group of first graders and today it was seniors.

I had butterflies in my stomach before leaving and one of successes biggest enemies, FEAR, was trying to get in my way. Since I had been a while, doubt attempted to get inside my head and question if I could follow through with it, well I DID!!

I was led down the hallway and only two things were allowed into my head. 1.) A good friends advice that I had to be in a grateful state before going inside. 2.) Overcoming is what breeds success.

I showed them Marky, Slash, Levy, Barnie & Lexi. I spoke of all that I have learned on this crazy 13 year journey and when I asked for questions, a young mans hand in the very back slowly rose. He quietly told me that he wants to be the next Jim Hansen, creator of The Muppets. I told him in front of his classmates that I did not have to know him well to believe in him. I explained that the only one to stop him was him! I told him that no matter what, he can’t ever quit! A genuine smile came across his face and that sent an awesome rush through me and I loved knowing I helped encourage him.

I passed out samples of S.E. Illinois Family Living Magazine and my card before finishing my presentation. The teacher and I spoke for a while as the class read the magazine. It was then time to thank them all and return to my day job.

Today I came, fought fear and rocked this great day! Now, as I lay down, I can only hope I can sleep! Before I do, I want to wish you a great Tuesday ahead and hope you never stop believing!

Something’s Coming!!

My plans last night was to work on The Boondock Kids once my boys had gone to bed. I was not thinking about the grass I would have to cut though. I had let both of my yards go for too long between writing on the weekends and working on my rental house. I had to mow and ran into trouble about 20 minutes later.

My second mower quite running because the high grass over heated the motor, leaving me with a much cheaper push mower as the only option left to cut the grass. What only takes one hour to mow, took just over three hours. I was very hot and admit that my woork schedule had a say in my tiredness last night.

I picked up my boys and spent the night ordering a pizza and having a great dinner. As we sat around the living room eating, I struggled to remain awake. As 9:30 came around, Rylen was already asleep while Lynden was growing tired. we all decided to turn in and call things a night. Only Ethan remained awake, watching television for a short time.

This morning we had another great breakfast and played some board games and even a little on the Nintendo which has become a Sunday afternoon routine for us now. Lynden and Ethan went with their mother on a short trip while Rylen and I drove one town over and ordered two vanilla milkshakes. The store was busy, giving us a reason to take a country drive as we drank our shakes.

We eventually came into another neighboring town and decided to visit so grandparents. It was a good time spent and allowed me a great evening with Rylen. Then it was time for him to return next door to his mother and I began laundry. Done and put away, I sat down and worked in another page of The Boondock Kids.

The Kids were all laughing at Kelmare and his comment that a classroom seemed to be a wonderful place to sit. It was then that they reached a large plateau area that gave them a vast area in the mountains that allowed them to see various levels of mist in the air.

Kelmare was asked how they were to go any further and he happily pointed out a gentle slope that led off of the left side of the plateau and further along in the valley. Mario and Sindy led the way towards the slope when Louis stopped. When asked what was wrong, he replied that something did not feel right and he felt as though something was coming.

Mario and Sindy did not feel anything and assume that Louis’s fear of heights might have their friend a bit nervous. As they began to make their way over the side, Cristena also stopped, saying she too felt as though something was coming. Kelmare then peered over the edge of the plateau for a moment but could not see anything.

Louis and Cristena made their way towards the center of the plateau  and began to look around. This made Mario and Sindy slightly cautious as they moved away from the slope and towards the center as well.

The, From out of nowhere, a seven foot tall creature floated up from the valley and hovered just over the edge of the plateau. I had long pointed fingeres and toes, white spiked hair and had cobalt black eyes that almost appeared hollow. It’s black duster overcoat flapped in the air as the creature hovered.

Sindy asked what this creature was and Kelmare knew immediatly that they were in trouble because before them was a Whimsic!!

As the day ends and a new week begins, I want to wish you a wonderful Monday! Oh, I almost forget, a date of October 3rd has been set for me talking to a high school writing class. I am super excited about this and look forward to setting a concrete time.

Keeping An Eye Out For The Articles.

The whole being sick thing is way overrated. It did  however, give me a lot of time to think over some situations. Some things have come up and may change some of my plans that I have had.

I have been keeping an eye out for any magazine that my articles where submitted to for their publication. I hope that with the new month coming next week, I will see the fruits of my passionate labors.  There are three articles that have been submitted to three different magazines.

I also picked up an entry form for a photo contest that will be held at, what we call around here as the Chestnut Festival. I plan to enter the contest and hope that my luck will continue, but will have to wait until the middle of October to know for sure.

As I turn in tonight, I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend and hope many great memories are made!

Full Day

After a busy night last night, I found it a bit difficult to wake up this morning. I still got up like normal and did some reading and had a sort amount of time for myself to just think about things.

My day job was a bit stressful, usually is, and hot in the afternoon when I took a delivery to a neighboring town. I was glad to see the end of day come and I could go home, even if for a very short time.

My mother works at my second job also and tonight, I worked with her tonight. When we work together, we generally get a lot of work done because we help one another to our jobs and two is better than one on some jobs.

Today, I also began searching for the newest issue of S.E. Illinois Family Living Magazine. I am hoping my article on Chauncey Community Baseball will be in it! I also am excited to hear back from the editor of Tri-State OUTDOORS Magazine to write back about the article for their publication.

And now, since I am misspelling every other word because of my tiredness, I want to wish you a great Thursday and hope you are finding happiness in you life!!

Relief In Sight

With the beginning of this week, Mother Nature brought what many of us here in southern Illinois have been wanting, in the form of cooler weather.

Last night, I took my kids out to a small ice cream shop, one town over and we had a great time! I listened as Lynden told some very funny jokes and we played ‘I Spy’ for over half an hour, all the while eating some very good ice cream cones and hot fudge sundays!

This morning, Lynden and I made eggs, sausage and cinnamon rolls, all of which Ethan and Rylen inhaled until they were both full. We played some, as we always do, before they had to leave earlier than normal for some fun times with their mother and step-dad.

The free time allowed me to venture to my rental house and install the floor in the bathroom. After a couple of hours the plywood was down and you can walk into the bathroom without having to stand on floor joist only! Now that the house has safe floors it is time to move onto preparing the walls for paint!

I came home and began work on The Boondock Kids and have another page completed. Tonight finds the four friends following Kelmare into the Clawthorne Mountains. As they walk, only their footsteps are heard echoing between the mountain tops. The four find this strange and ask Kelmare why they can hear nothing else.

Kelmare explains that the mist between the mountains is thick and almost like a filter. Only sounds of the right pitch and frequency are able to find their way through the mist and echo about. He also explains that the mountains of The Misty Claw Hollow (the Clawthorne Mountains and The Misty Mountains combined) has season and once the light mist season arrives it is less difficult to hear other sounds, however, they were in a thick mist season and that was why they could not hear anything but their own footsteps.

Sindy then asked Kelmare about being seen by the Zephermyte Army and was assure that since the Zephermytes had not seen them they were safe since a Zephermyte will not look far beyond it main objective. Had they been seen, they would be in danger but were very much safe.

As they walked on it began to seem like they had traveled a long distance compared to the time they had spent traveling. It is then that they all question Kelmare about how time and travel work in Spyderia.

My next project is to work on my article for Tri-State OUTDOOR Magazine. I am being paid for an article on my picture books and the journey it took to complete it. I look to have it finished this week and look forward to its print.

Until then, I wish everyone a great start to the work week and hope you all Live With Passion!!


The Second Day Of 1st For Me!

Boy was it hot today! The air conditioners at my day job almost quit and the store-front was very, very warm. I was very happy to return home and get a refreshing shower before heading of to my evening job. I admit that my back is a bit sore tonight but I believe the heat helped with that today. I do enjoy entering a cool building and working until my work is done though.

Regardless of the heat, I am very excited with another first for me and my writing! The editor of Tri-State OUTDOOR Magazine contacted me today and asked if I would work up an article on my picture book project for the upcoming Fall issue of the magazine! I quickly said yes and after gathering just a few specifics, I now have a new article to write and get sent in before the October 10th deadline! And the 1st for me is that I will be paid $40.00 for the article! It has also taken 12 years to make money with my passion and I am so very grateful for that!

When the editor found out about my writing, she informed me that they have a sister publication that might be a good fit for a story about my writing career up to right now. I am in shock some that I may get work into two more magazines this year, and good solid publications at that!!

I also spoke with a teacher who heads up a high school writing class and have confirmed that I will travel to the school in October and speak with her students about the process and dedication it take to hang in there when writing! I will know more as it draws closer.

As for now, I bid you a goodnight. I hope you have a great Thursday and make your mark on the world! Have a great day!!

What The Night Can Do

My day began at 5 a.m., I woke up and fed the dog, the cat, the fish and the hermit crabs, yes we have all of them. I popped in two cookies n cream pop-tarts and sat down and read four pages of my good friend, Dr. Coyte Cooper PhD.’s book IMPRESSIONS. I then took the dog outside before heading into work at 7 a.m.

During the day, I delivered material by hand because the loader that I use is currently down. After lunch, I helped a co worker deliver material to another location. At 5 p.m. I returned home, feed all of out pets, took a shower and climbed back into my Jimmy. This time, to head to my second job as a new evening custodian for a local high school.

I arrived at 6 p.m. and spent the next four hours sweeping, mopping and driving a scrubber to clean the floors from one end to another. The scrubber allows you to stand on it and drive it almost like a car as your clean the floors. As I stood and rode, steering my way through the school, my back began to ache and reminding me of the manual deliveries I had taken today.

But that is when my entire purpose rose up and the grind sat in. See, this job will fund my writing and nothing else, I’m not there because I have to be, I am there because I want a future for myself! Money that will go into a savings account and draw interest for making sure that my work is noticed and grows!!

It is now 12 a.m. and I am heading to bed. I worked 4 hours and earned $50.00 and that is 50 that will go to my future that I did not have this morning. Part of getting what we want out of life is knowing that we have to sweat for it. To make ourselves tired and weary to make it happen is what MUST take place in order for success to be achieved! As I wish ou a wonderful Thursday ahead, make today the day you work towards that goal or goals you have for yourself! Live With Passion and make it happen!


How Hard You Can Get Hit & Still Get Up

Today, right before my lunch hour began, a gentleman named Hector, from Arizona wrote me and told me how my last video reached him and inspired him to get into a positive state. It means the world to me to know that I have help another reach the point in their life to push the envelope and move forward.

As we messaged one another over the lunch hour, Hector asked me if I ever fell on hard times. I opened up about my times living in a car and being homeless and what it felt like to get divorced. I let him know that I am single and often miss having someone around but am looking for a positive woman to come into my life and not pull me in the other direction.

When he explained to me that he works 60 hours a week and still feels stuck in life, I let him know that I understood exactly what he felt. I feel stuck in my own life as a writer and that is why I am trying so hard to get out of this rut and move onto a successful career.

Talking to Hector on a ‘not so good day’ for myself, I became inspired to make a video that is not rehearsed and is completely off the cuff, showing me on a less than successful day. I want to thank Hector for writing me and inspiring me to do this!