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I was 4 years old and at a family cookout, swimming in the pool. When no one was watching, I decided that I wanted to try and climb out of the pool using the ladder that was on the deep end. I remember using my tip toes to follow a ring around the deep end that was just high enough, I could keep my head above water.

Then, in the blink of an eye, my foot slipped and I sank to the bottom of the deep end. I remember being so scared, I couldn’t breathe and being to young to understand death, I just worried about getting air.


Then a large splash entered the water and a family member threw their arms around me and pull me to the very ladder I was trying to get to. Half a dozen people were their to fetch me from the water immediately and all I remember was coughing and finding it hard to breathe even out of the water.


I did catch my breathe and began to feel just as I had before I went under. However, that day has stayed with me for 34 years, as I developed a fear of water, swimming pools and lakes.


This Father’s Day weekend, and keeping in the routine of changing my life, I faced that fear and won! My family went to a lake in central Illinois, where I got on a boat for the first time in 30 years and swam in the lake twice for the first time ever! The result of that grind to face my challenge…the reward of having a great time on the water with my sons!


As with any setback, fear or doubt in life, if you feel like you can do it then you must meet that which is holding you back, head on and watch your reward reveal itself on the other side. Success is grown with a constant push against basic and average. For me, this weekend was about taking my mindset to the next level and I did it! Even when taking a break from your routine, you have to be in ‘change’ mode! Have a great week ahead everyone!

Whatever road your on, there will be trials, trials by fire. But when the flames burn out, will you still stand tall?

It was midnight and standing in the Senior hallway of Lawrenceville High School, my idea was finished! Pushing my comfort zone, I left the 2017 graduates something I wish I had when I graduated 20 years ago this month.

I took motivational quotes, biographies and phrases, no two alike, and placed them on the locker of every Senior. It is my hope that these quotes will serve them as a reminder that their only competition is in the mirror!

I believe that when we can give something back, real value is felt!

Congratulations and and Best Wishes to the graduates on a very successful life ahead!

Today, I am coughing, have a running nose and congested. Still, that isn’t going to stop me from taking another step froward!

I spoke with both INTERVIEW and NAILED magazines this morning about my writing journey and hope approvals are made to run those interviews!! Although I don’t feel good, I will keep myself near the fire and being hungry for success!!

Next up, I begin working on my next school visit and putting together a great presentation for those great kids!! I wish everybody a wonderful Friday!!! Stay Strong!!

“You need to tell YOU, that YOU owe YOU something!” Eric D. Thomas

What a great day! The temperature is great outside, good music is playing in the background and I am very pumped about things going on !!

Today I spoke with both AUTHOR MAGAZINE AND WRITER’S DIGEST and am excited at the possibility of my thirteen year writing career could become an article in those publications and help others hold on and fight for their dreams!

I won’t likely know something for a short while but pushing through my tiredness today to reach this goal is fantastic! I strive for more and this is the only way to reach it!! As soon as I know I will let everyone know whats going to happen!

Until then, Have A Wonderful Wednesday Everybody!!

Today, I woke to someone calling me and asking where they can pick up one of my books! I don’t know about you, but that is a positive motivator to begin the day! I am succeeding! How do I know that? This was a great example, I sold two books and was not even out of bed to do it! Life doesn’t bring you opportunity, it doesn’t knock on the door. Today, I was blessed to have it make a phone call!!

I was also contacted by Parkside Elementary School and the amazing Mrs. Felty letting me know that the school wants me to speak about Barney & Lexi to the entire school over the coarse of four days! I am also in the works to speak to a second elementary school and may be also speaking to the young readers before years end!

I am also working with the company who puts out Tri-State OUTDOORS Magazine, the magazine that is about to release an issue covering my photography and picture books, about possibly having an article done, covering my writing, in one of their other many magazine that they own!

2017 will also be here soon and I contact the NYC literary agency again about being represented. I have printed off all that I can about the founder, who contacted me, and have begun reading about what they have done because I want to know who they are, they deserve that, after all they have taken an interest in me and I want to know them!

Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, “You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket!”

Have a great weekend everybody!


You’ve Got To Find Something Within!



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Sitting on the couch and ready to give up?

Let this year remind you that it is not impossible!!

Example #1: The Chicago Cubs
One of the oldest teams in baseball had not won a World Series in 108 years. That means some people lived their entire lives and never witnessed them win. Decades and decades of bad luck, tough loses and many saying they were a team that was cursed and was long written off to ever become successful. This is now the 2016 MLB World Champions!! They had a rain delay in Game 7 and in that locker room during that delay, they, as a team, declared THEY WEREN’T LOSING and they didn’t! 108 years of hard times and pain has led to sweet, God given success!!

Example #2: Donald J. Trump
A billionaire who had never held office in his life became a candidate for President of The United States and was instantly written off. He was laughed at, disregarded and told he would never make it past three months of his primary season. He then beat over a dozen of the best political figures in our nation today. He then fought in a general election against one of the largest political figures in history. Laughed at and written off, this person will take the oath of office and become the 45th President of The United States!

I may not know you but I want you to get off that couch right now and fight for your life! Success in public is always made possible by private struggle and pain!!

Do you know who James Buster Douglas is?

He was a boxer who fought in the era when Iron Mike Tyson was king of the boxing ring.

At the height of Tyson’s career, he was unstoppable, not one fighter could take his devastating blows and no one who ever stepped into the ring with him could knock him out.

That would all change on the night that James Buster Douglas stepped into the ring with Iron Mike!

In a match where Tyson was heavily favored against the younger and less experienced Douglas, the match leaned Tyson’s way as usual. It was near the end of one round that Mike Tyson landed a massive shot to Douglas, knocking him to the ground. As the official began to count to ten, Douglas was saved by the bell and helped to his corner.

James Buster Douglas, at that point in the fight, was written off as Tyson’s next victim. Tyson and his coaches began to celebrate as the bell rang again, having no doubt that it was only a matter of seconds that the fight would be over and Tyson would win.

What Tyson did not know was that the bell was all that James Buster Douglas needed to turn on his resiliency. Not long into that new round Douglas landed an explosive hit to Tyson, knocking Tyson to the ground. As others stood in shock, Tyson attempted to get back up but could not before being counted out and handing James Buster Douglas a moment in boxing history!

When asked later what happen, here was Douglas’s reply:

“Before my mother died, she told the world that I was gonna beat Mike Tyson. Two days ago, before this fight, my momma past away. During that bell, I had a decision to make, I could either stay down and let myself die right along with my mom or I could stand up and be the man my momma said was gonna beat Mike Tyson. At that point, my ‘WHY’ I was gonna win became greater than his!”

James Douglas had his back against the ropes and was either going to say he couldn’t do it or he was going to command that he could. Tyson was used to winning on a large scale and had no idea that Douglas had just surpassed his will to win!

* You see that is life, you wake up every single day and have a choice to make. You can drag yourself out of bed and go to a job that you hate and complain that you aren’t where you want to be because of him or her or anybody. You can say your gonna do something someday and then blame being tired as to why you can’t get it done.Then, you get a new day, a new start and continue to do the exact same thing again and again until one day your 70 years old and realize, “Oh my, what have I done”.

THAT WAS ME!!! I grew up shy and awkward in school, I knew everybody but wasn’t the ‘cool’ kid but rather the one that no one ever noticed. I was the son of divorced parents and felt little stability growing up. I blamed my parents for making me shy, I blamed my teachers for not helping me learn, and I blamed my God for doing all of this to me! I turned to alcohol in college and join the military and then I blamed God for letting me join and having to stop drinking. I have had many bad relationships, I have two failed marriages, I’ve been homeless, slept in my car, gone hungry and been on my knees so many times and praying for help that it is not joke.

Somewhere in between all of that, He spoke to me! God then said he was going to put me through the ringer, and He has done just that. What he also said was the when I come out the other side, I will live in the shadow of his grace and love!! What most don’t realize is that I have fought battles that no one sees and had victories that none have witnessed. Over time, I have fought back! When your against the ropes, just like Douglas was, that is when you have the chance to progress!

If you don’t know what your ‘WHY’ is in life, your gonna get knocked out every time! Pain is temporary! If you push through the pain, God gives you His word that you will be victorious on the other side of that pain. If you push, the gates WILL open for you but you have to be willing to take the hits! Get up, read a good book, make some good friends, go for a jog, hug your kids, lift it up to God! When you announce your dream to the world, you will not be met with cheers and some of the closest people will laugh at you. YOU KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

The other day I opened my wallet and this picture is what I saw. A week from payday and I have nothing until then. At that point I lifted it to God and looked myself in the mirror and reminded myself that this pain is temporary. I WILL become a full-time writer, I WILL have children in lines at book signings, I WILL travel and show my kids the world, but first I MUST push through this pain!!! I WILL SUCCEED, failure is not an option.


The wealthiest place in the world is a graveyard, because the best ideas we never got to hear or see rest there with those who never got to show the world their gift! If you do only one thing in this life…LIVE!!!