Great Day In Mt. Carmel Pt.2

I can’t say enough about this little intermediate school In Mt. Carmel, Illinois. Built in the late 1950’s N.I.C.E (which stands for North Intermediate Center of Education) has such a feel to it and a warm, inviting character that is often not found in new schools.

Day #2 brought me into the other two classrooms of the third grade. These kids are not only very creative, they are smarter than their ages. I have loved hearing their answers to questions I ask and the many stories about their pets at home. When I ask about cats and getting scratched, there is always one student who has a scare and has to show the class.

Halfway through my week here and I will tell you that this place is special. Kind, considerate and more or less, an old school kind of school in the days where buildings and classrooms have no character, this place is still going strong!

This Is What I Live For!


I kicked off my school tour today at Parkside Elementary!


Was I nervous? You bet I was! In fact, I ran to a restroom nearby for fear that I was going to vomit from the nervousness. I didn’t throw up but I walked in with a determination that no battle placed in front of me was stopping me from growing!


That is the perfect example of life and how, in order to succeed, you MUST take on the pain and walk right through it! Being a shy individual for 2/3 of my life, becoming an author was a step outside of my comfort zone. Over the years, I have spoke some here and some there, but allowed the fear to contain me and keep me from growing!


The hard work to reach this point in my life is now, I will walk into any school and regardless of my nerves, I will stand my ground and walk right through it. This year I have seen the rewards behind the pain of fear and today is no exception!


I began Day #1 with 3rd and 4th grade students and will continue at Parkside through Thursday. These youngsters were energetic and so excited to meet Barney & Lexi! I love the faces that watched me today, as I spoke with them about their own imaginations and what they love about reading.


While I am not in a place yet that I can buy a book for everyone, I let them know that if their parents bought one, I would sign it for them at anytime. One young lady asked how much Barney & Lexi cost, when I told her $7.00 the kids exploded with excitement, saying they will take home the flyers HP had made and beg their folks to buy one.


After speaking with them, the kids made Christmas ornaments and they asked me to sign them. I signed all of them and had my heart warmed with many ‘thank you’s’ given. I love kids and want to help them hold onto their imaginations! Now, I am excited for tomorrow morning to do this all again! I love what I do and will continue to work hard to go all the way! Have a great Monday everyone!

Barney & Lexi: Off To The Gulf Of Mexico


I have been spending much of my time this week, working on a rental home that I own because I want to give someone a place to lay their head and have not been at my desk.

Today, I am super pumped to see that Barney & Lexi are on there way to two wonderful, young readers who live at the Gulf of Mexico! I am so excited to go so much farther and know that the two unlikely friends will be a hit!!

I am going into town soon and am going to pick up a map of the United States and pin all of the places they have gone now. I also am preparing for the beginning of my schools tour, which begins Monday!

I will have pictures from all of these events very soon!! Have a wonderful weekend!!


Sick But Moving On!

Today, I am coughing, have a running nose and congested. Still, that isn’t going to stop me from taking another step froward!

I spoke with both INTERVIEW and NAILED magazines this morning about my writing journey and hope approvals are made to run those interviews!! Although I don’t feel good, I will keep myself near the fire and being hungry for success!!

Next up, I begin working on my next school visit and putting together a great presentation for those great kids!! I wish everybody a wonderful Friday!!! Stay Strong!!

“You need to tell YOU, that YOU owe YOU something!” Eric D. Thomas

2 Big Magazines

What a great day! The temperature is great outside, good music is playing in the background and I am very pumped about things going on !!

Today I spoke with both AUTHOR MAGAZINE AND WRITER’S DIGEST and am excited at the possibility of my thirteen year writing career could become an article in those publications and help others hold on and fight for their dreams!

I won’t likely know something for a short while but pushing through my tiredness today to reach this goal is fantastic! I strive for more and this is the only way to reach it!! As soon as I know I will let everyone know whats going to happen!

Until then, Have A Wonderful Wednesday Everybody!!

Overnight In Spyderia

Today was a great day! I spent much of it with my two younger sons and made some memories and what is better that making great memories! We began with a homemade breakfast of eggs, sausage and toast. My children love our breakfast together and I love watching them come into the kitchen and smile as the eggs cooked in the skillet, the sausage cooks in the microwave and the toast warms in the toaster.

After eating, we played many games of Luigi’s Ghost Mansion and Mario Chase before ending it up with a several games of Paw Patrol Board Game, which we love to play. I then went next door and began to paint my second son’s room before realizing that I had picked up a bad batch of paint which I will correct tomorrow.

As the sun set, I hugged my children goodnight and returned home to make my dinner and get back to work on the next page of The Boondock Kids. Tonight I did something different. I wrote while listening to motivational speeches and find myself empowered and after this great weekend, I know that I am now empowered to reach out there and take my goals and make those goals my reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Boondock Kids found themselves in Warrenstead and discover more about Kelmare’s ability to use the Spyderian Escalator and transport everyone out of harms way. He explains that Eldenthornes have an ability that other creatures lack in the ability to manipulate the Spyderian Escalator and use it to move from one point to another within the blink of an eye. When Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena joined hands, they created a ring and once Kelmare touched that ring, he was able to transport himself and The Boondock Kids to safety.

Kelmare then noted that they were much closer to Serabantha Castle and would be there by morning if they walked until dark and then rested. Staying overnight in Spyderia worried Sindy. Mario reminded her that when they decided to return home that it would be the same time it was when they had left. Sindy knew that but was rather worried about staying overnight in Spyderia. She did not want to stay outside where she felt they would not be safe. Kelmare explained that the inhabitants of Warrenstead were the friendly Platidons and he had a very close friend name Rascone who would let them stay in his dwelling.

Platidons live in beautiful and comfortable burrows and would give The Boondock Kids a safe place to rest before reaching Serabantha Castle. Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena felt good with Kelmare’s assurance that Rascone was most friendly and provided a place to rest. They wanted to see the castle and agreed to meeting Kelmare’s friend and resting for a spell.

And with that, a new week is about to arrive and I will be meeting it head on and with passion. I hope you will do the same and enjoy your wonderful Monday!

2 Books Off!


Today, a copy I have of my second book, which is not currently in print: MARKY, SLASH & LEVY: RETURN TO MAVENWOOD is going with Barney & Lexi to a special fan who has had my first book: THE ADVENTURES OF MARKY, SLASH & LEVY (also not currently available) since 2007.

I am so pumped to be sending Barney & Lexi off again and to have Marky, Slash & Levy go with them is pure excitement! I hope they all have an exciting trip!!

What Really Matters


Today I received a photo from a mother in Missouri, showing their reactions to receiving BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE and I was stirred with many positive emotions!

When I saw this, my heart swelled up and I was humbled! This is why I do what I do! Two fine young readers, living in another state, Barney & Lexi in hand and READING!! I want every child to have the opportunity to read and escape into the wonders that books can offer!

I was pumped to see the expressions of young “Jimmy” and “Kiaya” as their mother captioned this photo with “They sat right down and wanted to read it!” Jimmy has a smile and Kaiya is all focused and both of those looks are completely awesome!!

Photos like this are worth their weight in gold and remind me that I am on my way to becoming a full-time writer and find the success I am driving for. That success: put books in youngsters hands!

Have a wonderful second half of your weekend everybody!!