School Of Rock

Today has been awesome and for great reason!

I have been fortunante to visit Bridgeport Grade School today and had an awesome time visiting the classmates of my sons, Ethan and Rylen and boy did we have some fun!!

Both of these classes where so wonderful and smart. I do not know if I more fun or if theh did! We talked about Barney & Lexi: Lost In Lawrwnceville

The were huge and every student love my visit. I love encouraging young readers, and that reward comes ! Looking forward too doing this again!

This Is What I Live For!


I kicked off my school tour today at Parkside Elementary!


Was I nervous? You bet I was! In fact, I ran to a restroom nearby for fear that I was going to vomit from the nervousness. I didn’t throw up but I walked in with a determination that no battle placed in front of me was stopping me from growing!


That is the perfect example of life and how, in order to succeed, you MUST take on the pain and walk right through it! Being a shy individual for 2/3 of my life, becoming an author was a step outside of my comfort zone. Over the years, I have spoke some here and some there, but allowed the fear to contain me and keep me from growing!


The hard work to reach this point in my life is now, I will walk into any school and regardless of my nerves, I will stand my ground and walk right through it. This year I have seen the rewards behind the pain of fear and today is no exception!


I began Day #1 with 3rd and 4th grade students and will continue at Parkside through Thursday. These youngsters were energetic and so excited to meet Barney & Lexi! I love the faces that watched me today, as I spoke with them about their own imaginations and what they love about reading.


While I am not in a place yet that I can buy a book for everyone, I let them know that if their parents bought one, I would sign it for them at anytime. One young lady asked how much Barney & Lexi cost, when I told her $7.00 the kids exploded with excitement, saying they will take home the flyers HP had made and beg their folks to buy one.


After speaking with them, the kids made Christmas ornaments and they asked me to sign them. I signed all of them and had my heart warmed with many ‘thank you’s’ given. I love kids and want to help them hold onto their imaginations! Now, I am excited for tomorrow morning to do this all again! I love what I do and will continue to work hard to go all the way! Have a great Monday everyone!

Keep On Keeping On

This morning was the first morning that small puddles of water had iced over, signalling the coming of a new season. This morning also allowed me to get four more magazines written to and some more preparation done for my upcoming visits to Parkside Elementary School.


Today, I wrote to the magazines: Puritan, Bomb, 3 A.M. and Narrative. All four accept interviews and I am looking forward to hearing from them over the next couple of weeks. I am always prepared for a rejection but I am still driven to write as many as I possible can and not let that slow me down, but rather, fail forward.


I am also excited because I had a wonderful Sunday with my children! With the leaves all fallen around our home, we spent the afternoon, raking and blowing leaves away. There was a ton of laughing and my kids earn the money they made from working  hard.


I have been listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger give success speeches all morning and believe him 100% when he says, “You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.” So, before I had to my paying work, that doesn’t feel like work, let me wish you a wonderful Monday and hope success is finding you today!


Sick But Moving On!

Today, I am coughing, have a running nose and congested. Still, that isn’t going to stop me from taking another step froward!

I spoke with both INTERVIEW and NAILED magazines this morning about my writing journey and hope approvals are made to run those interviews!! Although I don’t feel good, I will keep myself near the fire and being hungry for success!!

Next up, I begin working on my next school visit and putting together a great presentation for those great kids!! I wish everybody a wonderful Friday!!! Stay Strong!!

“You need to tell YOU, that YOU owe YOU something!” Eric D. Thomas

A Great Day!

With a great day outside in Southern Illinois, I did my morning reading, read a scripture for the day and went for my morning jog.

To took my children to school and returned home for a morning of Les Brown on the Youtube and worked on my writing.

Before I head to work now for the evening, I am excited to have emailed Driftwood Magazine and post mail The Sun Magazine and look to hear back from them very soon!

As I head out, I want to wish everybody a wonderful afternoon and hope success find everyone today!