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This week I was honored to be a part of ‘Inspired By JimmyL’ again; this time for the new series segment, ‘Positivity Chat’. This was a great time and I now have an amazing friend in host, Jimmy Warr-Mize. I encourage you to like his Facebook and Instagram sites! Jimmy is really helping others!


I want to begin by wishing you a save and happy new year! My hope for you is nothing less than the magnificent life you have waiting for you!

It has been a long time coming for this moment. Once an idea in my head for a couple of years, now to the point that I am able to reveal the cover for my new book: WHEN THE STORM RUNS OUT OF RAIN!

This cover comes with the help of my good friend, Dr. Gage Caudell, not only a surgeon but a successful photographer who blessed me with the image seen above! This photo captures the very heart of this book and I am blessed to have him so graciously allow this cover to be here now!

I want to thank my son, Lynden for so much positive support through the writing of this book. My mentor and good friend, Dr. Coyte Cooper, for coaching me through some crazy moments and writing two books himself (Impressions, Make Your Mark) and being a guide for what a book should say. My new friend, Nicole Zeien-Cox, author of Foster To Fosters, for being the straw that broke the back of this camel and set the pace for a crazy 30 days of writing!

This book is now in editing and then to interior layout. It is scheduled for a 2018 publication date.

It is my wish for everyone who reads this book that they find the power, belief and will to make every goal they set a reality and know that sometimes a setback is the beginning of a comeback!

More posts will follow as time draws near publication. Wishing everyone a wonderful 2018!!!!

I Want To Know Grind!

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Do you ever want something with everything in your being and also letting yourself down by feeling your not doing all you really could to make it happen? I want to through that out to you tonight!?




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"Are you out there doing what your doing, or are you just getting by?"

“Are you out there doing what your doing, or are you just getting by?”

Sitting here writing, I began thinking about a wonderful song I have been hearing on the radio lately and although I am a guy, I have to say it is an awesome and inspirationl piece of music! Pink’s song entitled “TRY” has a chorus that grips my heart and is what I feel, a verbal description of my desire to succeed! It goes…

“Where ever there’s desire, there’s gonna be a flame,

Where there is a flame, someone’s bound to get burned,

But just because it burns, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna die,

YOU GOTTA GET UP AND TRY, TRY, TRY. You Gotta get up and TRY!

That is so trueto everything in life as I see it, so please, get up and TRY!


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