The Boondock Kids Meet Rascone


Today have been so festive and productive!

This morning I took my kids to school, which I always enjoy, and watched as the school was preparing for it’s yearly Christmas programs. It would only be two hours before I returned for Ethan’s program, which was out of this world creative and a great time all in all.

After giving him hugs, I returned home and worked on full page for THE BOONDOCK KIDS. In this scene, Kelmare and Rascone are happy to have the chance to visit after not seeing one another for quite some time. Then, Kelmare explains that he has brought visitors. Rascone is very excited and as Kelmare takes him towards Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena, Kelmare explains that they are humans from the land of Red Hill.

Rascone becomes concerned about their safety, walking around Spyderia. Kelmare assures him that they will be most safe. Rascone trusts Kelmare when he assures something  and knows that all is well in the land of Warrenstead. He puts on a smile as he meets the four travelers and shakes their hand. Each one introduces themselves and it appears that everyone is going to have a great evening as the light fades away.

Now, after finishing that page, I was off to the school again for round #2 with Rylen and his Christmas Program. That boy had so much fun signing his songs and that program was wonderful to watch! I followed him back to his class for a bunch of hugs before leaving to prepare for my evening work.

I also have complied a couple more school names to my potential event locations! I believe my total now is up to 25 /6. I am very much looking forward to taking Barney & Lexi to new places and letting new readers meet them!

Well, off to work. Have a great evening and never stop running after your goals!


Barney & Lexi hit #88,524 on!!

B&L rank pic3

After an evening with family on Christmas Eve, I am reminded just how much I enjoy watching my children open their gifts first. To see their smiles and their excitement means more to me than any gift that could sit before me! It took two vehicles to bring all of their gifts home and now the front living room looks like a department store. In all I am reminded that I enjoy family on Christmas Eve just as much as Christmas!

I came home to also find a wonderful gift! Amazon has ranked Barney & Lexi at #88,524! With that I want you to know that I will never stop praising you for helping me! I know Barney & Lexi can reach millions of homes across this nation and across the pond! Please help me make the two silly traveling pair as big as possible!

Before I go for the night before Christmas I want to end our conversation with a different statement!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Kwanzaa!

2012: A Year Of Memories, Decisions, Changes & Farewells

This will be the best one ever!

This will be the best one ever!

If someone had told me, one year ago, exactly what was going to happen to my life in 2012, I believe I would have had a thermonuclear meltdown. From the ending of a ten-year old marriage, to the passing of a twenty-nine year old life, and in between, all of the splendid moments and hair pulling fiascos that could be packed into 365 days. Isn’t it funny, when things happen, a lot of us say, “If only I had known”, when the truth is that, had we of known, it might leave us within a state of confusion, panic or indecision?

For me, 2012 is a year that I will remember as the turning of a large page in my life. It had started with the decision to be more fit, an act that I followed through with through the spring, summer and early fall, and will start again when the weather turns warmer! I have lost some weight, my knees do not bother me this winter and I can pick out some clothing in the next size down, go ahead and tell me that the last statement sounded girly, LOL! Even us guys like to feel good in our clothes.

If you had told me that my 1996 Cougar would have stopped running, I would have been worried for two months about what I needed to do to fix the situation. Then to tell that the 1996 Jimmy I had bought to replace it with would have to have hundreds of dollars spent on it and that I was going to do the work myself, it would have been far to easy to throw my hands up and say, “To Hell With It!”

Had I of known ahead of time the joy I would see on the baseball field with Lynden this past Spring, it would be like wanting to go and see a great film, only to be told the entire story before hand! To also foresee the smiles and joy from my youngest sons, Ethan & Rylen, would have dulled those wonderful moments when they came. To have three wonderful sons, alive and healthy, alone, makes this a wonderful year!

If you mentioned that Ethan would adopt a black cat and it was to become a member of our family, I would have thought you were insane. But it did, and Smokey has given us that little something extra in our home. To open my door one Sunday morning and see him on our step and then take him for a drive with us, is one day I will not forget!

I would have been relieved to know that I would finally have my wish for a 5 Generation photo granted! To see a picture of my sons with their Great-Great-Grandmother is one of those things that will live forever for Lynden, Ethan, Rylen and myself! For the past couple of years, it had become a worry that I felt, I was gambling with, and somehow seeing just how long it would take to happen or not. 2012 became the year that I laid that worry to rest for good and the peace from that is pure joy.

Death, however, is not! I sometimes think, had I of known my younger brother, Ricky, would be gone before 2012 was, I am not sure how I would begin to handle such news. Maybe, I would have visited a few minutes longer, or just dropped in, real fast, to tell him I loved him, instead of heading home because I was exhausted. Maybe though, I would have had to deal with the fact, that it was going to happen and there was nothing I could have done about it. Since love has no concept of time and is a facit of life to which death can never out race, I hold my brotherly love forever in my heart and thank my God, for the memories that were given to me! I Love You, Ricky!

I have renewed friendships with some I have not seen much in the past few years and have promised to keep those communications open. I have also reconnected with family that once, was strained. I saw my boys, beam from ear to ear this Christmas and will welcome 2013 with them as well!

As for my career, I have sent out more queries to agents this year alone than I have in the ten years, that I have been writing, combined! I have entered more contests than ever before, created my long overdue Facebook page ( and reworked my, long time needed, blog site, combining my photo blog with my writing projects ( and have no one, but you to thank, for the wonderful success it has turn into! Thank you so very much for sharing this year, your thoughts, criticisms and insights! This will be the year for Marky, Slash & Levy, Barney & Lexi and The Boondock Kids!!

I say goodbye to 2012 and for the first time ever, I have no resolution right off the top of my head. I will welcome 2013 with open arms, keeping my head up, my eye on the prize, and my passion strong and determined! Look out 2013, this is the year of the fox!! Live With Passion!

Merry Christmas!

After one of my absolute best Christmas Eve’s I have had yet was today! I had my three sons last night and the four of us welcomed my mother,  youngest brother and grandmother into my little but cozy home for a couple of hours of some of the best family time one could ask for! It is wonderful times like this that reminds me just how wonderful things are and how the memories made today are some I will never forget! The boys and I finished this night off at my step mom’s family (to me though, there has never been any question that it is my family as well) and had a wonderful dinner and a couple more hours of good family time. My sons walked away with so much toys, my livingroom is packed to the gills! I will sort it all out tomorrow.

I want to personally wish you the very best for this holiday season! What ever your personal belief is for this time of year, I hope it will be filled with wonderful memories and cherished times with friends and family!

Presents, Family & Seconds!

This Sunday has felt backwards from the moment I woke up. It was 9 o’clock when I opened my eyes and I was alone in my bed. Usually, my youngest son, Rylen is in bed with me at 7 a.m. but with it being the Christmas weekend, I have them tonight instead since they are with me on Monday to do our couple of Christmas runs. I can’ wait for them to open their gifts tomorrow, the pictures will be priceless!!

I also did not make my first photo shoot of this winter either. That left me feeling like I was not following a routine, but what I did do meant the world! I met my father at my grandmother’s house and together, we fixed her kitchen light fixture. It was very wonderful to have the three of us together and doing something, even if it was fixing a light, we were together! It made my grandmothers world for the day. Though she is still very young, only in her 60’s, she lives alone and I could tell she liked having family around, who wouldn’t? Family is so awesome!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and my mother is coming from Kentucky with my youngest brother and together, with my grandma (I just mentioned,LOL) are going to have a Merry Christmas with my sons. Though my house is small, it will be filled with a ton of love!

Last, but not least, The Boondock Kids made their way through the lunch line and the ever so sweet, Mrs. Sugar, greeted Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena. She had to remind Mario and Louis, once again, that having ‘seconds’ on fish would only be served after every student had their meal. Mario and Louis attempted to pass off that they were simply going to thank Mrs. Sugar for her hard work, however, knowing the two boys so well, Mrs. Sugar sees through the silliness. She is then greeted with killer kindness from Sindy and Cristena as they took their lunch trays. Sindy and Cristena are always so polite, a genuine trait both of the girls have! Now it is time to get to their table, eat and find out what Sindy is going to do for her makeup art project!

Should I not write tomorrow night, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or any other term you use based on your personal celebration of this time of year! I wish you great memories and wonderful times spent with loved ones! Live With Passion!!

Christmas Shopping

Today, I broke with the tradition of grabbing my camera and heading out into Lawrence County, Illinois and snapping photos for the opportunity to travel and hour south, to Evansville, Indiana and Christmas shop with my mother. Being that this was the last official week of Fall, my photos will look just the same from a scenery standpoint, therefore, I figure I am not missing this one weekend.

Frankly, I needed to get away for the day! Since my brothers passing, it has been a culmination of emotions, that today, I was able to handle and move on with. This would have been the next time he and I would have gotten together with our mother and I wanted to do this, knowing he was there with us! It was a wonderful time! From Cheeseburgers In Paradise, with their awesome food, to Eastland Mall, which was packed to the gills with people and great deals! I am so very thankful to know that this year, I, myself will be giving them one heck of a Christmas with so many of the things on their lists!

I drove to Evansville and also back home listening to Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra, wow, I had forgotten just how much I loved their style of music. Music is such soothing therapy and it so set the mood for a wonderful day! Do you have any classical suggestions? I’d love to hear them!

Now comes time to sit back down and figure out just why Cristena Jonson was late to class! I am just as curious as Mario, Louis and Sindy! I hope you have had a wonderful day and tried to Live With Passion and my God Bless Newtown!!