The Woodenware

The last page of The Boondock Kids, saw Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena, finding out their was no food in their bowls and no drink in their cups.

It was from there that the four friends appeared puzzled. Rascone did not realize that The Boondock Kids had never seen Woodenware before. He then explained to his four new friends that with Woodenware, one could wish up any meal they desired and it would be created. This idea made the four friends very excited and unanimously, they all agree they wanted macaroni and cheese for supper.

They thought of mac n cheese, but when they took the lids off of their bowls, they found nothing was there. Rascone then suggested to them that they focus very hard on their meal in detail. Being a meal that was not known to Spyderia, the Woodware would have to learn it before creating it.

They placed the lids back on their bowls and focused. After a moment, Kelmare  asked them to look this time. When they removed the lids, Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena found a bowl full of steamy, cheesy macaroni in front of them. Mario and Louis were the first to try their dinner and found it to be the best ever. Sindy and Cristena began to eat theirs and could not disagree.

When they became thirsty, they each thought of their favorite drink and watched as the cups began to fill with just what they had imagined. Mario had soda, Louis had apple juice, Sindy had sweet tea and Cristena chose milk.

As they ate Rascone was overwhelmed with how great the meal looked and was encouraged to create his own. At first taste, Rascone was shocked at how delicious his meal was and encouraged Kelmare to try the new coarse as well. Everyone sat around the short table and basket in the marvel of their new discoveries.

So, it’s about time to head to my evening job, I wish you a pleasant afternoon and many of your own discoveries!


Asked To Return

My visit to the students at Parkside Elementary was so much fun, that I have been asked to return to visit the 1st and 2nd graders in 2017!

I have also been asked to visit the students of Bridgeport Grade School in Janurary! I am looking forward to introducing them to Barney & Lexi! 

My third children’s book: BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE, is making waves, which is awesome!

I want to take this Monday morning and share a few more pictures of last week with you! Have a great Monday everyone!

Something’s Coming!!

My plans last night was to work on The Boondock Kids once my boys had gone to bed. I was not thinking about the grass I would have to cut though. I had let both of my yards go for too long between writing on the weekends and working on my rental house. I had to mow and ran into trouble about 20 minutes later.

My second mower quite running because the high grass over heated the motor, leaving me with a much cheaper push mower as the only option left to cut the grass. What only takes one hour to mow, took just over three hours. I was very hot and admit that my woork schedule had a say in my tiredness last night.

I picked up my boys and spent the night ordering a pizza and having a great dinner. As we sat around the living room eating, I struggled to remain awake. As 9:30 came around, Rylen was already asleep while Lynden was growing tired. we all decided to turn in and call things a night. Only Ethan remained awake, watching television for a short time.

This morning we had another great breakfast and played some board games and even a little on the Nintendo which has become a Sunday afternoon routine for us now. Lynden and Ethan went with their mother on a short trip while Rylen and I drove one town over and ordered two vanilla milkshakes. The store was busy, giving us a reason to take a country drive as we drank our shakes.

We eventually came into another neighboring town and decided to visit so grandparents. It was a good time spent and allowed me a great evening with Rylen. Then it was time for him to return next door to his mother and I began laundry. Done and put away, I sat down and worked in another page of The Boondock Kids.

The Kids were all laughing at Kelmare and his comment that a classroom seemed to be a wonderful place to sit. It was then that they reached a large plateau area that gave them a vast area in the mountains that allowed them to see various levels of mist in the air.

Kelmare was asked how they were to go any further and he happily pointed out a gentle slope that led off of the left side of the plateau and further along in the valley. Mario and Sindy led the way towards the slope when Louis stopped. When asked what was wrong, he replied that something did not feel right and he felt as though something was coming.

Mario and Sindy did not feel anything and assume that Louis’s fear of heights might have their friend a bit nervous. As they began to make their way over the side, Cristena also stopped, saying she too felt as though something was coming. Kelmare then peered over the edge of the plateau for a moment but could not see anything.

Louis and Cristena made their way towards the center of the plateau  and began to look around. This made Mario and Sindy slightly cautious as they moved away from the slope and towards the center as well.

The, From out of nowhere, a seven foot tall creature floated up from the valley and hovered just over the edge of the plateau. I had long pointed fingeres and toes, white spiked hair and had cobalt black eyes that almost appeared hollow. It’s black duster overcoat flapped in the air as the creature hovered.

Sindy asked what this creature was and Kelmare knew immediatly that they were in trouble because before them was a Whimsic!!

As the day ends and a new week begins, I want to wish you a wonderful Monday! Oh, I almost forget, a date of October 3rd has been set for me talking to a high school writing class. I am super excited about this and look forward to setting a concrete time.

Work, Rest, The Boondock Kids and Barney & Lexi

As Saturday found it’s way to the noon hour, I was freed from the bonds of a ‘day job’ and made my way home to spend some time with my kids before they left for a weekend getaway with their mother and step-father.

Lynden had gone with me to work at my evening job and was a huge help for me! Since he had spent the night, Ethan and Rylen came over to see me before leaving. As Rylen watched cartoons, I watched Ethan play a game on his tablet. Lol, it was here that a 70 hour work week was catching up.

I watched Ethan play but at times heard him ask, “Are you getting sleepy Dad?” I did my best to hide it but he is so good at seeing right through it and knew I was a bit sleepy. None the less I watched him play for a while before it was time for them to go on there little trip.

I laid down for a rest after they left when 20 minutes into that rest, my mother called and invited me to eat with her and her husband in a town over from me. I went out and had a great evening, even if my Pasta Alfredo was not the greatest. I came home with a full stomach and with the sleep setting in, decided to take a night off of work on my writing.

I woke up at 10 a.m. which is very late for me, but I felt well rested. I caught up on the national news for some of the morning before going to my rental house and scraping the walls of loose paint, taking down light fixtures and removing outlet covers so I can clean the walls and begin painting.

As the evening closed in, I finished my work and returned home to shower and begin work on more queries for Barney & Lexi. I know that an agency is interested in B&L but with so much on the line, I do not want to simply sit back on my laurels and expect it to just come to me. I have to wait until 2017 and want to know that I covered all of my bases. I sent out three more Query Letters tonight. I have learned that researching the agent is such a good measure because you don’t want to write someone who has no interest in your writing, plus, showing you care about there interests is a big plus to showing your attention to them as well.

I then did my laundry and went to work on another page of The Boondock Kids.

As the kids walked with Kelmare through the Clawthorne Mountains, the four realized that they had moved a great distance while not feeling as though they had moved that far. Kelmare explained that, in Spyderia, time can pull on your steps in micro ways that when you don’t realize it, can pull you along without any sense being known. This confused Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena.

Kelmare explains that when they aren’t thinking about gravity and distance, they become part of the Spyderian Escalator which can pull there steps micro steps further and making one step closer to two without them even noticing it. Kelmare then explains that his species is able to move quickly from one point to another because they have the ability to control their thoughts in a way that they move rapidly across the escalator.

Cristena then questions how Kelmare can help them move from danger with him since they can not control their thoughts as well. Kelmare then notes that when physically connected by holding handles, time does not know the difference and assumes that the connected entity is Kelmare and all would be transported at his speed.

Although complex, The Boondock Kids are intrigued by this process and continue onward through the mountains.

Well, it is now time for my bed and I to say goodnight. Work will come early and last late so I want to wish you a wonderful Monday ahead and hope you make the most of the new day!

Relief In Sight

With the beginning of this week, Mother Nature brought what many of us here in southern Illinois have been wanting, in the form of cooler weather.

Last night, I took my kids out to a small ice cream shop, one town over and we had a great time! I listened as Lynden told some very funny jokes and we played ‘I Spy’ for over half an hour, all the while eating some very good ice cream cones and hot fudge sundays!

This morning, Lynden and I made eggs, sausage and cinnamon rolls, all of which Ethan and Rylen inhaled until they were both full. We played some, as we always do, before they had to leave earlier than normal for some fun times with their mother and step-dad.

The free time allowed me to venture to my rental house and install the floor in the bathroom. After a couple of hours the plywood was down and you can walk into the bathroom without having to stand on floor joist only! Now that the house has safe floors it is time to move onto preparing the walls for paint!

I came home and began work on The Boondock Kids and have another page completed. Tonight finds the four friends following Kelmare into the Clawthorne Mountains. As they walk, only their footsteps are heard echoing between the mountain tops. The four find this strange and ask Kelmare why they can hear nothing else.

Kelmare explains that the mist between the mountains is thick and almost like a filter. Only sounds of the right pitch and frequency are able to find their way through the mist and echo about. He also explains that the mountains of The Misty Claw Hollow (the Clawthorne Mountains and The Misty Mountains combined) has season and once the light mist season arrives it is less difficult to hear other sounds, however, they were in a thick mist season and that was why they could not hear anything but their own footsteps.

Sindy then asked Kelmare about being seen by the Zephermyte Army and was assure that since the Zephermytes had not seen them they were safe since a Zephermyte will not look far beyond it main objective. Had they been seen, they would be in danger but were very much safe.

As they walked on it began to seem like they had traveled a long distance compared to the time they had spent traveling. It is then that they all question Kelmare about how time and travel work in Spyderia.

My next project is to work on my article for Tri-State OUTDOOR Magazine. I am being paid for an article on my picture books and the journey it took to complete it. I look to have it finished this week and look forward to its print.

Until then, I wish everyone a great start to the work week and hope you all Live With Passion!!


Barney & Lexi Reach Indianapolis!!

Last week, I sent Barney & Lexi off to Indianapolis to three great kids!

My phone went off this morning and I had a great moment sent to me that I sometimes do not get to witness away from the signing table. The father of these three awesome readers sent me a video of them getting their books! I stood at my day job and could not stop smiling! The joy of reading is a valuable gift and I am honored for Barney & Lexi to be in their lives!


Later this evening, the good father wrote me a message and said that his son sat down and began reading it and could not put it down until it was the end! That is better than gold to me!!! I am so very happy they each loved Barney & Lexi and hope they cherish them for all time!

I apologize but I worked later tonight and I am almost ready to pass out at my desk. I did get my first check tonight and my weekly rate will be around 180 a week that will go into a savings account for my writing and all things associated with it! Here is to the future!!Have a great Saturday and never stop believing!!

It Took 12 Years Of Hard Work To Hear This!!!!

Today has been a day that I will never forget!

During my morning work, my inbox went off and I previewed it on my phone. That means I read who is sending it and the first part of the sentence. I stopped work just long enough to see that it was from a literary agency and began by saying Barney & Lexi was an interesting concept but… That was all I could read and upon seeing the word ‘BUT’, I smiled and kept on working, simply assuming it was another gracious pass on one of my books.


After getting very hot this morning, I came home for lunch and look through my emails. I came to the email I had previewed earlier and opened it. I won’t jinx it by saying who it was from but the email was from the founder of a long standing literary agency and was in regards to Barney & Lexi! This was no rejection letter though!! I read onward and when I had finished, the 12 years of hard work, ups and downs and hard times became all worth it!!!

The email did begin with telling me that Barney & Lexi was interesting, however, the ‘but’ was not a rejection but rather an explanation saying the agency was not taking on any chidren’s books for the remainder of the year. It then read, that if Barney & Lexi had not been picked up by another agency by year’s end, that I needed to write this founding agent back after New Year’s, with a copy of today’s email so they would remember us talking. Then we would discuss Barney & Lexi: Lost In Lawrenceville!

I thank my God for this moment and am humbled by it and am grateful for every single person who has supported me when it seemed so far away. I can not wait and see what lies in store for the two unlikely friends in 2017!! Here is to the reality that nothing is impossible!!!

As I have just came home from my second job, I am getting a quick soda and heading to bed to get up at 5:45 and begin my day! I wish you a wonderful Wednesday and hope you find everything comes your way!

Coming Down The Stairs

Well, today was hot. I mean it was very hot! The heat index registered at 107* F and it would be the day that the loader at work was down and I had three deliveries to make before lunch and all had to be unloaded by hand.

I became very overheated and for the remainder of the day, I have been feeling very weak and dizzy. I got to the point that I stopped sweating and that is never a good situation to get yourself into.

The deliveries were made and I pushed myself through the workday and got it done in good manner!

Lynden also came over this evening and as the sun set, he and I had a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream. It was only for an hour but it was a nice break to watch him wrestle with Ethan’s cat, Smokey. When Lynden went home, I showered and sat down to work on another small piece of The Boondock Kids!

As Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena stared at the Lower Valley Stairwell, they were a bit skeptical. The stairwell is made of steep, cobble stone steps that had seen some time. Mario and Louis could not believe that the stairs had come out of the canyon wall.

Kelmare made his way through the black and white pillars and took a few steps down the stairwell before turning around. Mario and Louis were eager to follow but in front of them were Sindy and Cristena, who remained unsure of themselves. Kelmare assured the four friends that a slow an steady pace would find the in the Lower Valley in know time.

The Boondock Kids are now on their way down the stairwell!!!

With tomorrow being Friday, I hope for most of you, it is payday and becomes everything you want! Make it happen and take your moments!