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A story many will know…

One day, the master called in three servants and announced that he would be taking a long trip far away and would be leaving his treasure in their hands while gone. The master stood before his trusted servants and offered talents (bags of silver) to each.

The first servant held out his hands as his master placed five talents in his arms and asked that they be well cared for. The second servant stretched out his hands and was given two talents and asked that they be cared for. The servant was honored to have these talents and held them closely. The master walked over to the third servant and placed on talent in his hands and again, asked his servant to care for his talents until he would return.

The master would soon leave and be gone for some time. One servant took his talents into town and invested them. He would go on to earn five more talents as a result of his decision. The second servant also entered town and used his two talents to earn him two more for his efforts. The third servant felt the other two were being foolish by taking so much risk with their masters talents, that he took his one talent and buried it for safety to assure he would not risk losing it before his masters return.

The master would eventually return and upon his arrival, asked to see the three servants. Once they arrived, the master asked his servants about the talents and what became of them. The servants assured their master that the talents had not been lost.

The first servant explained that he had invested his five talents and that had garnered five more talents as well. The master was happy and commended the servant for his efforts. The second servant then explained that he too had gone to town and invested his two talents and had doubled his investment, showing the four talents to his master. Again, the master commended the servant for his efforts. The third servant explained that he had been most careful with his one talent. So much, that he buried it in the ground so it would not be lost until the masters return.

It was here that the master ordered that the talent be taken from the third servant and given to the first. The third servant was shocked as the master explained that if he knew that the master needed the money so much, why he did not invest it like the others and earn him interest on his one talent.

The moral of this story is that to those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. Mathew 25:29

All to often, we are given opportunities that we doubt, fear or simply feel we can’t achieve. Often giving up before we even give something our first effort. If something worries you and you know it is still the right thing to do, there is a reason you should try. If you allow your worries to multiply to the point that you do nothing with your moments in life, you will find the old saying true, ‘If you don’t you it, you lose it’.

As your now reading this, I am 2 days away from sitting in Chicago and preparing to give my presentation to members of the Illinois SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators). Is it a big place? You bet it is! Am I a bit nervous? You bet I am! But that nervousness is the result of working hard for 14 years when most of the time, others had no idea just how hard I was working! As I’m getting ready to invest my talents, I have nothing but faith it will yield a reward regardless of what type it may be. I do this because I want more and will not allow fear to force me to bury my hopes and dreams in the dirt, only to find out one day that I had a chance and lost it.

In 2 days, I will stand on the roof of the hotel and see the lights of Chicago and invest in what got me here. Friday morning my son, Lynden and I will walk two blocks to Lake Michigan and take our run on the beach together.

“When your tired, it’s a sign that your almost at the end of your fight!” – TD Jakes

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What a week!

I went to work last night for a couple of hours, then, I traveled to the other side of the county and visited a local Girl Scout troop. The troop was working on a badge that dealt with books and what goes into writing and publishing them.

girl scouts

This was an amazingly smart group of girls who had some amazing questions and extremely intelligent answers to many of my questions. They loved Barney & Lexi and with some of their questions, have me thinking of some new ideas for them! It was a wonderful visit and the girls were excited to have their own copy of BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE.


I woke up this morning to an email from Riley Elementary School in Vincennes, Indiana, asking if I can speak with them about bringing Barney & Lexi to their school. This is very special for me because Riley was the first school I ever went to. The thought of returning there to give a presentation is a humbling honor. I am beyond words at the thought of walking those halls again as an adult so I can give something back to the school that gave me some wonderful first memories.


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Tonight as I played around with Facebook, I came across a message from someone. As I read this message I felt my heart stop. For these words where honest, pure and from the heart. My very breath was taken away and I read the message what must have been a dozen times. If chance and serendipity lost their way, would it not be safe to say that they would have far too much in common to not find their way back to where they started from? That is the million dollar question as I send more interview material to Chicago for M,S&L.