Marky, Slash & Levy

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Book One: The Adventures of Marky, Slash & Levy

A fantasy tale about Marky, a clever witted Beagle Hound, Slash, a dashing Lynx and Levy, a cunning and calculating RED Fox live in the peaceful Birds Woods, that is until they discover a mysterious cave that leads them into the magical world of Mavenwood. In this world of talking rocks, angry clouds, a dust demon, mysterious trolls, chrome clad wizards and a dog-lizard named Nelty, Marky, Slash & Levy find themselves in a race against time in the search for three, long lost keys known as the Keys of Maytane in hopes of stopping an evil ice emperor name Lord Zytor from using his destructive hurricane (The Dark Plague of Tormor) and throwing all of Mavenwood under his control.


In this sequel, Marky, Slash & Levy return to Mavenwood and find the creatures all across the lands rebuilding after the destruction caused by Zytor. During a celebration in their honor, a mysterious Powder Troll named Kelso appears from nowhere and passes out. In his hand is a item that, in legend is said to be part of a key that could unlock a weapon designed to destroy all of Mavenwood.  Using the fragment to locate others like it, Marky, Slash & Levy set out with their new friends in a journey across Mavenwood in hopes of stopping an unknown evil from leveling the world they had come to save. By land, sea or air, the three friends embark on an ‘adventure’ for the ages.


In book #3, Marky, Slash & Levy, upon discovering who was also searching for the same fragments, are able to escape certain danger. Losing the fragments they had found to their new advisory, the three friends find themselves in a race to stop him from using the united fragments from opening The Doomsday Device. Now thrown into complete peril, Mavenwood embraces for a battle like never seen before in history. To make matters even worse, an old enemy has been resurrected and has means of his own. Pushed to there limits and near certain doom at every corner, Marky, Slash & Levy learn the true value of having friends.


In the final chapter of  MARKY, SLASH & LEVY, it is uncertain that the Doomsday Device will be stopped, not without the help of a long secluded wizard known only as The Heaktseeker. Known to be the last living member of the Airwalk civilization who first settled Mavenwood and created the Doomsday Device with good intentions. Marky, Slash & Levy make their way into Castlevania and The Artic Region in search for him. Along the journey the three friends are shocked as never before when they become aided by a ghost from their past. In a race against complete domination and with time running out, the reluctant Heatseeker must be convinced he can still save Mavenwood. Its a race between good and evil and the clock is about to strike midnight!


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