School Visits

Levi believes that one of the greatest gifts in the life of a child is having an imagination and retaining that creativity through adulthood!


To help encourage and support this philosophy, Levi devotes his time to reaching students across the map! Whether in a class-by-class setting or whole-school gym environment, students are introduced the wonderful world of being an author and the possibilities that come from a wondrous imagination.


Students are invited to become their own authors and become ‘super secret’ with the opportunity to write under pen names and expand their creative pretending. Students often light up at the thought of being a ‘grown adult’ and being able to use a pen name. Being named Anthony but being able to right as ‘Bob’, or Courtney being able to create amazing stories as ‘Katie’ helps students see their future as exciting and playful!

wp-image-1551444727jpg.jpgStudents are questioned about their love of reading and often enters a session of excited young readers talking about ‘AR’ and what types of stories they love reading outside of school. Students love the involvement about different types of writing that an author does and genres that are available to write about! Children are shown 1,000 pages of printed work and  asked “Who would like to read this!?” It is a guessing game as students begin trying to figure out, just how many pages there are!


Student’s are introduced to Levi’s 3rd children’s book: BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE and jump into an incredible discussion about Dogs, Cats and sharing stories of doggy baths, cat scratches and the funny things that household pets do at home. Barney & Lexi make appearances themselves as children clamor to pet the stuffed animal characters who were once ‘real-life’ pets of Fox’s grandparents in the sleepy town of Lawrenceville, Illinois. Classes then enjoy storytelling as he reads the first ten pages of BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE to them.

“I love how an excited group of youngsters can fall ‘pin-drop’ silent when being read to. That is magic in the making!!” – Levi B. Fox


All students have the possibility to have their very own ‘signed’ copy of Barney & Lexi for $6.99! It is for the love of inspiring children that Levi makes ‘only’ $1.00 off of the sale of any and every book sold!

*For available options, pricing and availability, contact Levi at 1 Imaginary Fox via email at: or on Facebook at:!!

“In a world of electronics, a book can still silence a crowd!” – Levi B. Fox