It’s On The Other Side!

Did you know that a setback can cause you pain? Did you know that on the other side of that pain is a reward?

Yesterday, I was not signed to a literary agency and although I never let that get me down, it did cause me some pain, because I worked very hard.

I stuck with it however, and today, I found the first paycheck from any magazine I have written for. $40.00 for something that only took me an hour to do and loved doing on top of that!

Always remember that, while it may hurt at the present, it also hides a present. A reward you have to push through to recieve!

I wish everyone a wonderful Wednesday! 

Keep On Keeping On

This morning was the first morning that small puddles of water had iced over, signalling the coming of a new season. This morning also allowed me to get four more magazines written to and some more preparation done for my upcoming visits to Parkside Elementary School.


Today, I wrote to the magazines: Puritan, Bomb, 3 A.M. and Narrative. All four accept interviews and I am looking forward to hearing from them over the next couple of weeks. I am always prepared for a rejection but I am still driven to write as many as I possible can and not let that slow me down, but rather, fail forward.


I am also excited because I had a wonderful Sunday with my children! With the leaves all fallen around our home, we spent the afternoon, raking and blowing leaves away. There was a ton of laughing and my kids earn the money they made from working  hard.


I have been listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger give success speeches all morning and believe him 100% when he says, “You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.” So, before I had to my paying work, that doesn’t feel like work, let me wish you a wonderful Monday and hope success is finding you today!


A Great Day!

With a great day outside in Southern Illinois, I did my morning reading, read a scripture for the day and went for my morning jog.

To took my children to school and returned home for a morning of Les Brown on the Youtube and worked on my writing.

Before I head to work now for the evening, I am excited to have emailed Driftwood Magazine and post mail The Sun Magazine and look to hear back from them very soon!

As I head out, I want to wish everybody a wonderful afternoon and hope success find everyone today!

Find Something Within…


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Sitting on the couch and ready to give up?

Let this year remind you that it is not impossible!!

Example #1: The Chicago Cubs
One of the oldest teams in baseball had not won a World Series in 108 years. That means some people lived their entire lives and never witnessed them win. Decades and decades of bad luck, tough loses and many saying they were a team that was cursed and was long written off to ever become successful. This is now the 2016 MLB World Champions!! They had a rain delay in Game 7 and in that locker room during that delay, they, as a team, declared THEY WEREN’T LOSING and they didn’t! 108 years of hard times and pain has led to sweet, God given success!!

Example #2: Donald J. Trump
A billionaire who had never held office in his life became a candidate for President of The United States and was instantly written off. He was laughed at, disregarded and told he would never make it past three months of his primary season. He then beat over a dozen of the best political figures in our nation today. He then fought in a general election against one of the largest political figures in history. Laughed at and written off, this person will take the oath of office and become the 45th President of The United States!

I may not know you but I want you to get off that couch right now and fight for your life! Success in public is always made possible by private struggle and pain!!

Do You Know ‘WHY’?

Do you know who James Buster Douglas is?

He was a boxer who fought in the era when Iron Mike Tyson was king of the boxing ring.

At the height of Tyson’s career, he was unstoppable, not one fighter could take his devastating blows and no one who ever stepped into the ring with him could knock him out.

That would all change on the night that James Buster Douglas stepped into the ring with Iron Mike!

In a match where Tyson was heavily favored against the younger and less experienced Douglas, the match leaned Tyson’s way as usual. It was near the end of one round that Mike Tyson landed a massive shot to Douglas, knocking him to the ground. As the official began to count to ten, Douglas was saved by the bell and helped to his corner.

James Buster Douglas, at that point in the fight, was written off as Tyson’s next victim. Tyson and his coaches began to celebrate as the bell rang again, having no doubt that it was only a matter of seconds that the fight would be over and Tyson would win.

What Tyson did not know was that the bell was all that James Buster Douglas needed to turn on his resiliency. Not long into that new round Douglas landed an explosive hit to Tyson, knocking Tyson to the ground. As others stood in shock, Tyson attempted to get back up but could not before being counted out and handing James Buster Douglas a moment in boxing history!

When asked later what happen, here was Douglas’s reply:

“Before my mother died, she told the world that I was gonna beat Mike Tyson. Two days ago, before this fight, my momma past away. During that bell, I had a decision to make, I could either stay down and let myself die right along with my mom or I could stand up and be the man my momma said was gonna beat Mike Tyson. At that point, my ‘WHY’ I was gonna win became greater than his!”

James Douglas had his back against the ropes and was either going to say he couldn’t do it or he was going to command that he could. Tyson was used to winning on a large scale and had no idea that Douglas had just surpassed his will to win!

* You see that is life, you wake up every single day and have a choice to make. You can drag yourself out of bed and go to a job that you hate and complain that you aren’t where you want to be because of him or her or anybody. You can say your gonna do something someday and then blame being tired as to why you can’t get it done.Then, you get a new day, a new start and continue to do the exact same thing again and again until one day your 70 years old and realize, “Oh my, what have I done”.

THAT WAS ME!!! I grew up shy and awkward in school, I knew everybody but wasn’t the ‘cool’ kid but rather the one that no one ever noticed. I was the son of divorced parents and felt little stability growing up. I blamed my parents for making me shy, I blamed my teachers for not helping me learn, and I blamed my God for doing all of this to me! I turned to alcohol in college and join the military and then I blamed God for letting me join and having to stop drinking. I have had many bad relationships, I have two failed marriages, I’ve been homeless, slept in my car, gone hungry and been on my knees so many times and praying for help that it is not joke.

Somewhere in between all of that, He spoke to me! God then said he was going to put me through the ringer, and He has done just that. What he also said was the when I come out the other side, I will live in the shadow of his grace and love!! What most don’t realize is that I have fought battles that no one sees and had victories that none have witnessed. Over time, I have fought back! When your against the ropes, just like Douglas was, that is when you have the chance to progress!

If you don’t know what your ‘WHY’ is in life, your gonna get knocked out every time! Pain is temporary! If you push through the pain, God gives you His word that you will be victorious on the other side of that pain. If you push, the gates WILL open for you but you have to be willing to take the hits! Get up, read a good book, make some good friends, go for a jog, hug your kids, lift it up to God! When you announce your dream to the world, you will not be met with cheers and some of the closest people will laugh at you. YOU KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

The other day I opened my wallet and this picture is what I saw. A week from payday and I have nothing until then. At that point I lifted it to God and looked myself in the mirror and reminded myself that this pain is temporary. I WILL become a full-time writer, I WILL have children in lines at book signings, I WILL travel and show my kids the world, but first I MUST push through this pain!!! I WILL SUCCEED, failure is not an option.


The wealthiest place in the world is a graveyard, because the best ideas we never got to hear or see rest there with those who never got to show the world their gift! If you do only one thing in this life…LIVE!!!


When You Start Your Day On YOUR Terms!


5:30 a.m. and my alarm sounds. I open my eyes and for a brief moment, I think to myself about how it was time to go into work again. Then reality knocked at my door and reminded me that I no longer had to be at a job until 2p.m.!

I laid in my bed for five minutes, thanking my God for blessing me with this wonderful change in my life and admiring the feeling of waking up early on a Monday morning and doing things my own way for the first time since I began working 22 years ago.

What did I do? I fed the dog, cat, fish and hermit crabs. I took the dog outside for a bathroom break. Read some more pages of my friend Coyte Cooper’s newest book: MAKE YOUR MARK. I ate cereal for the first time in two years and finished with my vitamin. Next, the dog and I went on a two block jog in the great morning breeze. I found out that Lynden’s dog, Rascal, only has one running speed and that is slow! LOL.

We returned home in time for a quick shower, when Ethan and Rylen came over for me to take them to school for the first time in almost three years. Lynden walks the two blocks to the Junior High. What excitement to take them and hug them, wishing them a positive day ahead! Then home to do the laundry.

I cleaned the vacuum and put new sheets and comforter on my bed. I ran some errands, dropping off some things and also picking some things up. I also checked to see that the next edition of Tri-State OUTDOORS Magazine will be out the first of November and I am super excited for its release!

Now it is time to head to a job that I do not feel is like word but rather an opportunity to make money while working on my future. If you have a goal then do not stop working towards it! Never let anyone or anything slow your determination! Have a wonderful day and Live With Passion!

My Second 2nd Place

So yesterday, while spending a wonderful day with my children,thus is why I did not post and really hope you understand, we played in the day, took in many games of Cornhole and enjoyed simply being with each other!

During this great day, I got a telephone call with some great news! One of the organizers for the Chestnut Festival’s 2016 Photo Contest was calling to inform me that I had placed 2nd in this years contest and was asking for my address so that a prize check could be mailed to me. I want to let it be known that I am extremely excited to win 2nd place for the second time!

The truth about life is 2nd place is often a building block to 1st! How we handle those moments helps determine just how hard we will be willing to work towards our future. As for me, I am grateful! Gratitude for placing in between the top and the bottom and for having the opportunity to reach this moment in my career.

So before I turn in for the night, I would like to leave you with some advice, fight sleep until it takes you down, ignore negative comments, regardless of who might say them and know that only you and you alone set your pace and achieve your goals! All of the rest will come and go, it is you who will remain. Hang in there and keep going!

The Chauncey Community Baseball Article!!

Its out and looks great! The latest edition of S.E. Illinois Family Living Magazine is published and my article fits into this issue like a glove!


I grabbed my copy and turned right to the article! I loved seeing the kids pictures that were placed throughout and feel that the photos that were sent to me give the article just the feel I was hoping for. It has an old-thyme feel to it and I think it turned out great!


When I write an article, it always sounds different on lined paper and becomes more polished on publication day. It is my hope that the other parents of this great organization find this article exciting and enjoyable. As for me, it is now time to see my own children!!


Have a great weekend everyone!!