Barney & Lexi

“I ordered a copy of this book for my two kids and when it arrived my little guy saw it and asked it I would read it to him. He sat listening attentively as I read him the entire book. This is pretty cool for a 5 year old and is a tribute to the book! I thoroughly enjoyed the story-line and will definitely be reading it again to my kids!” – Dr. Coyte G. Cooper, Best Selling Author; IMPRESSIONS, MAKE YOUR MARK

BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE is a tale about Barney, a dim witted, almost clumsy, Beagle Hound and Lexi, an overly pampered tabby cat that share the same owners in the sleepy, little town of Lawrenceville, Illinois. The two could have no more in common that sharing the same owners.


Then one day, while out in the yard to soak up some sun, Lexi becomes an unwilling tag along as Barney chases a squirrel down the alley. It is not long before the two realize they are lost in the tiny town and must rely on one another to return home.

Trying to avoid city workers who wish to take them away, Barney learns to admire Lexi’s determination and Lexi begins to admire Barney’s playful optimism. As the two race against daylight, city workers and uncertainty in their quest for home, they discover a lasting friendship along the way.

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“This is a sweet story about two friends who get lost from home but end up on a great adventure together. Both of my kids loved this story, pulling them in from the very beginning. As an adult, it was enjoyable as well. The characters made me think of a few childhood pets of my own!” -Angela Haney,  Teachers Aide, Chaffee, MO.



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