From NO HOME to NO DOUBT!!

Whether it was writing poems and lyrics as a youngster or writing children’s books as an adult, Levi has always been creative! This creativity has led to much success, but was no easy road to the present for a young writer.


Things To Know:

       Levi B. Fox:

*Is this the son of divorced parents.

*Lost his Grandmother  on his birthday, in his Freshman year of High School.

*Thought of suicide while in his Freshman year of high school.

*Lost a grandfather on Christmas Eve and a Grandfather on New Years, one week  apart.

*Lost his daughter before she was born.

*Has divorced twice.

*Has been homeless.

*Has been bankrupt and foreclosed upon.

*Survived a car wreck.

*Lost his younger brother, Rick, from a fall in his shower.


*Has three amazing sons.

*Written 7 books totaling over 1,000 pages.

*Been a student of The Children’s Institute of Literature.

*Neared Amazon.com’s Top 100 Children’s Books on multiple occasions!

*Won the ‘Write Stuff’ Award from the Connecticut Romance Writers Association.

*Has his own column in the Illinois newspaper: The Sumner Press.

*Owns 3 homes.



Levi brings his story to others in the hopes that, out of his own personal tragedies and growing success, he is able to inspire, motivate and give audiences the boost that is required to face their fears and push themselves towards an incredible life, regardless of obstacles placed before them.

“If you want to grow, you’ve got to go!” – Levi B. Fox


For information about booking, fees and availability, contact Levi at 1 Imaginary Fox via email: mlsbook1@yahoo.com and on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ImaginaryFox!