About Levi B.Fox

“I used to see my setbacks as roadblocks, and then wondered why my life was going nowhere fast! It was only when I began facing those struggles and seeing the rewards on the other side of them, that I became truly successful!” – Levi B. Fox


Levi B. Fox is a children’s author, speaker and photographer who enjoys bringing stories to elementary readers, positive reinforcement speeches to junior high students and motivational presentations for graduating high school classes and adults. Driven to support young students to never stop using their imaginations and to inspire adults to face their fears by using his own tragedies and fears as examples of his success!

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He is motivated to the continuation of reading programs within schools, making strong, positive choices as teens and realizing that as an adult, life is never truly over until the last breath is taken, YOU JUST HAVE TO WORK FOR IT!



Levi with his mentor, Mr. Larry Pulleyblank



From being homeless at one point to growing a successful mindset, L.B. Fox uses his hurdles and triumphs in his own life and explains the tools and resources that he has implemented to others, so that they too, can begin laying the building blocks for a successful future!

“My goals is to encourage kids to keep reading and adults to keep grinding!” – Levi B. Fox


For information on school visits, or speaking engagements, email Levi at 1 Imaginary Fox through: mlsbook1@yahoo.com or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ImaginaryFox





5 thoughts on “About Levi B.Fox

  1. LB
    Never and I repeat Never give up on your dreams………………I’ve read your work, and I hope to read far more of it in the near future. I don’t think you will be waiting all that long to see your dreams come true……..That is just my gut feeling.but, rarely are my gut feelings wrong…………………wishing you much peace and success in your life………….all I ask is that when success does come, don’t make the mistakes I did and throw it all away. I t is too hard to get it back………………………..but, even that is possible as I am living proof
    T Warren

    • Thank you so very much for reading! I hope you will read again!I do photograpghy, it is for my four volume picure book project I have been working on for the past year. I am traveling around my home county, taking photos of nature through the four seasons. As for my illustration, the material posted is by my good friend Nicole and many future illustrations are being done by Danny Kluis Ltd. Unfortunantly, I make a stick figure look horrible!

      When it comes to dreams, I believe it isn’t about luck but rather about passion to see it through! I’ve come a long in ten years and am so close I can feel it! I am glad you took the time to write!! Have a great day!! Live With Passion!

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