Passing The Bar…

As Mother’s Day entered into the afternoon, my youngest son, Rylen and I entered the senior hall of Lawrenceville High School to give the gift of advice and knowledge.

With a northern Indiana news station coming in to cover my brand of giving, Rylen and I got a jump on the project ahead of time by hanging quotes and pictures.

When the amazing Taylor Williams from WTWO arrived, we kicked things into high gear! With the film rolling, the Senior Hall became a ‘Field of Dreams’ in many ways. It was such an honor to have an out of state station help shine the light on what will be the final days of this class together.

As the interview wrapped and Rylen had worked himself pretty hard. We heading back to the office to print some quotes I had run short on. Rylen went home to his mother’s to rest, (that boy earned it) and I returned for another hour to finish the project.

As the sun began to set at 8:30p.m., I reflected on just how I had done my absolute best to give my all to the students of LHS. Any job worth doing is worth doing right.

The end result that night was seeing what Taylor put together to help spread the positivity and I have to say thank you to her for her time and hard work and to WTWO of Terre Haute, Indiana for taking interest in this endeavor!

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