The Wonders Of Progress!

What an amazing beginning of 2018 it has been!


To begin, I was honored to be on the ‘Inspired By JimmyL’ webcast again for his new segment entitled: ‘Positivity Chats’. This was a great fifteen minute discussion and I invite you to stop by Jimmy’s page and check him out!

This week, I also received the first pages of my edits back and got the material for the new book rewritten up to date and awaiting the next pages for review! I am so excited for this book to be released but want everything in my heart going into this book! When it is released I have no doubt whatsoever that it will impact lives!


Today is January 11th and it is forty degrees outside. That made for an amazing four mile run! The geese honked and enjoyed the lake as it thawed and I took advantage of wearing less layers to crank out even more effort and getting the most from my moment in the park.


My second column for 2018 is published and out in the Sumner Press. For those who do not have access, my column is now being posted on Medium. I want to invite you to stop by and read my posts and find inspiration and impact!


Now it’s time to head into work. Have a great day and live this day!


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