Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! It is my favorite holiday of the year!


I enjoy having my family together, not for gifts but for a meal around the table with stories and laughter, giving thanks for another year with everyone here. My kids love the homemade noodles and I found the turkey, mashed potatoes and homemade rolls the best of any year before! Ok, I like the noodles too! With five desserts to choose from, if you walked away from our family dinner hungry, it was your fault!


After a great time with family, I dropped my kids off so they could go and be with other family for dinner. I changed and went out to the state park for a run to keep with my routine and burn off those noodles! I returned home and hammered out pages 166 – 173 of the new book.  With just a YouTube video to shoot I will have everything done that I had set my goal for!


After that video, I will do something I have not done in a while, I will continue to observe my favorite holiday by relaxing and being thankful for this day. I don’t relax much, always writing, speaking, parenting, working from dawn to way past dusk but I think this holiday is about being thankful and I am thankful for the body that puts in the work day in and day out and for that, rest is in order for the rest of the night!

May you have a very Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!


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