Progress On The New Book!

It has been a while since writing last and I apologize. It has been a crazy month so far!

I just completed my 36th episode of ‘Write To Success’ (WTS) on my YouTube channel which now consists of over 120 videos that I hope encourage others to reach out and go for what they want in their lives.

I’ve also traveled to Charleston, Illinois and attended an memorial dinner for my aunt who past away to cancer a couple of weeks ago. My children and I drove with my mother and the fall scene that surrounded the two lane highway was beautiful and set the tone for our trip. Even getting lost on the way home was exciting and enjoyable. It could nt have been a better evening.

Tonight, my newest column article drops and will be out in the Sumner (IL.) Press newspaper. This weeks title is about letting go.

I also discovered that Barney & Lexi are now available online through Walmart. If you don’t have a copy, run over to and pick up your copy today! Thanks ahead for doing that!

As for my biography, I am writing faster than I have in my fourteen year career. In just over a week and half, I am now working on page 90 and not half way through the book yet. My goal is for a completion date during this month and to be able to have it in print by Christmas!

I also have many more mailers out to elementary school and have my first reply about coming out for a visit! More on that as it develops!

The t-shirt designs are moving along and will be available by 2018!

Lol,  my Jimmy is down again and makes me begin thinking that 2018 may see the time come for a new vehicle. The farther I drive for presentations, the more dependable vehicle I am needing.

Thank you so much for reading and following since 2009! It means the world and I am excited as this is all about to blow wide open! Have a wonderful day everyone!

4 thoughts on “Progress On The New Book!

  1. Great news! I find you story so connectable and inspiring. I myself am working on a number of projects…one of them being a children’s book -another one is speaking at a tedx –
    I do not want to reinvent the wheel. Any advice in writing, organizing, and publishing? I am pretty fresh as they come as far as the process of writing publishing goes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hey there! I began in 2003 and became very hung up on trying to find a literary agent. My success in the past two years has come from going for it myself. As the writer, we hold the cards and have more opportunites now than ever before in history. I publish on Amazon and put myself out there. I now travel across the country putting on presentations for kids. Make connections with others who are writing what you enjoy writing and get feedback from them, perhaps they can see down the road a bit further and can give you some great advice and help you reach the next level.

      • I believe very much that as long as someone is succeeding, they are successful and can reach the next exiting level!!

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