The past couple of days have been remarkable in my pursuit for clarity!


I loaded my printer with new ink cartridges and spent several hours on the web, looking for everything in my life that means something to me. Basically, what I wanted out of my life. I began looking at homes, interiors, pools, vehicles, long lines at book stores and forms of giving that got me so excited that I had to print them off. In the end, I lined one wall of my kitchen with nothing but my expectations, i.e. my Vision Board. I have looked at it over the past two days and focus. Seeing is believing and when I look at what I am working towards, it pulls me one step closer to just that. It makes me progress further and as speaker, Tony Robbins says, “Happiness Comes From Progress!”

As for this morning, I reached a milestone in my life. I finished reading Tony Robbins 543 page book: Awaken The Giant Within. It is something for me because the largest book I have ever read before that was maybe around 270 pages. This book is close to 250 pages longer than that, proving that it can be done when your focused on it!


After reading zero books for five years, this marks my 7th book in just over a year and a total of 1,704 pages total! When I made the decision to change my life just over a year and half ago, I resolved to never turn back! I recommend any of these books if anyone is serious about make a change and leading an impactful life!


Now as for tomorrow morning, I am excited to begin my 8th book, Tony Robbins: Notes From A Friend. Staying on coarse to reading as much as I can to continue growing myself and switching over to an impactful life! Here we go guys, I’m all in!! PLUS, it’s only 10 days until Chicago!!! I want to invite you to watch my presentation live on Facebook by going to my page: Follow me live on Sept. 14th 7-9 p.m. CST. Time to get on my column today for the paper and get a run through in for the Chicago presentation and a physical run before dusk! Have a great day everyone!

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