When An Idea Comes Along

Idea Collage

While at my evening job last night, I was trying to figure out how I was going to do something positive in the world. That original idea became an new and incredible idea and that grew rapidly into the idea I have now and that idea involves the people in this picture.

I am excited to do this and have to be secretive until I am finished. Gonna changes lives!

I mailed off Angelic Affliction to Portland, Oregon to the Master Review, fingers crossed on selection! I picked up an extra copy of my weekly column in the Sumner Press and mailed my first ever teacher, Mrs Battles, a copy of the paper because the article was about how she changed my life way back, starting in Kindergarten. Gained a ton of new followers on Instagram. Follow me anywhere else with the following.

Facebook: Levi B. Fox Childrens Author (levibfoxbooks)

Twitter: @LeviBFox

Instagram: @levib.fox

YouTube: Levi B. Fox

Well, off to my evening job, have a great afternoon!!

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