Ready To Rock This Week!

What a weekend to start off with!


It was an amazing Saturday afternoon and I very much, wanted to take Lynden, Ethan & Rylen to Terre Haute, Indiana and spend the afternoon getting caught up in The Terr Haute Children’s Museum. 3 stories of exploration, imagination and fun. What a time we had! They played in bubbles, climbed a 2 story tree house and got to see themselves on T.V. as news anchors, but the thing they loved the most was the water construction zone! This zone had a running water channel with different damns, fountains and falls. One section kept my children busy by having to put plumbing pipes together to help direct the flow of water. I think they played in this zone for over an hour! At the end of the day, we found an Italian gem, nestled within the city, Piloni’s Italian Restaurant! 100% handmade Italian pizza and pasta and highly recommended if your ever in the Terre Haute, Indiana area!


With the weekend wrapped, I used my Sunday night to research bookmarks from other authors and as 1 a.m. approached, I had a hand drawn layout of the front and pack of what I will use to begin having my own. I decided on a size, paper, colors, information placement and design. Next it will be off to the printers for fabrication and then time to have on-hand for distribution!

Now, as I prepare to change for my evening job, I have word the Mt. Carmel, Illinois newspaper will be at N.I.C.E tomorrow for my visit with the students. I am returning to sign copies of BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE and wish all of these amazing kids a great summer vacation! I am pumped to have the paper excited to attend and help make this event awesome!


I wish you a wonderful afternoon as I go to punch that clock, earn that money and chase that goal!

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