7 Days

Every time I write, I work hard to put my heart into every post. My heart however, has been into many things over the past week. So much, that I take full and accountable responsibility for completely ignoring my blog! The fault lays here.

It has been 7 Days of great news, hard work and late nights.


Great news for start, it was just over one year ago that I found myself sleeping on the floor of an empty home and wondering if I would be able to have a bed, let alone own a home. Now, in one month, I will not only own that home, but the two next door in an amazing deal that has been offered to me. From hardwood to homeowner!


I have been working every day on one of the houses, helping to raises it value upon appraisal. I have worked on it until time to head to work, work until 10:30 p.m. and return home, dive right into work on my writing and most nights, meeting the pillow between 1 a.m./2 a.m.


In this week, I also participated in a local high schools Career Day 2017 and spoke to over 60 students about the joys of being an author and what goes into running the day-to-day operations of this career. It was an amazing day and incredible opportunity to get out there and give something back!

Career Day 2017

All of this hard work is paying off! I will soon be traveling to Vincennes, Indiana to introduce the students at Riley Elementary School to Barney & Lexi! It is a very special visit because Riley was the first school I ever attended in the early 1980’s. To step into those halls again after 30 years will be a wonderful homecoming of sorts and I am humbled to be returning. I will rock the presentation and the kids will love Barney & Lexi!

I will also be traveling to Evansville, Indiana on May 13th with Barney & Lexi and will be a part of the children’s storytime at the Barnes & Noble bookstore! This is going to be an awesome event and I will have more info as soon as it comes in.

I also heard back from N.I.C.E (North Intermediate Center of Education) in Mt. Carmel, Illinois. I have been asked to hold a book signing in late April for the students! The kids can’t wait for Barney & Lexi to return and I know that will be an super time with the kids!

With that, I must apologize one more time about leaving this content in the dark. Next up is my weekly column in The Sumner Press so I will post that as soon as it prints. May you have a wonderful Wednesday and not let anything stand in your way!

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