You Peek Under Your Lid

What a wonderful weekend!

Saturday night, I took Lynden, Ethan & Rylen to the high school I work at and we watched the play: Seussical The Musical. For Ethan and Rylen, it was their first time seeing a play, and they loved it!


Lynden did not want a Cat In The Hat hat but Ethan and Rylen sure did, so I got them both a hat and we went into the auditorium. All three were excited and as the lights dimmed, the magic filled the air!


The play lasted for almost an hour an forty-five minutes and when it was over, my children and I were very excited that we got to see it. All the way home, my Jimmy was filled with sounds of Dr. Seuss music!


As for today, it began with an awesome breakfast, French toast, bacon, hash brown, cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, sausage links and toast. Yes, it was good! It was then a morning of Ethan, Rylen and me on the living room floor building Batman Lego sets for several hours. When finished, we had a combine, tractor and bat helicopter. Then, it was time for my three sons to return to their mom and I picked up before getting into the next page of The Boondock Kids.


On tonights page, Mario, Louis, Cindy and Cristena stand in the main entrance of Rascone’s home where a coat rank hangs, a large chest sits below that and a large broom sits in the corner by the door. They are all invited into the living area where a warm fire crackles and a short, round table sits with fur rugs covering the floor around it.

Rascone ushers The Boondock Kids and Kelmare to the short, round table and then enters his kitchen in an attempt to prepare them all a meal. The kids notice that from their view, many copper pots and pans hang from what looks like a tree limb with branches holding up the cookware.

He returned to the living area and placed six wooden bowls with lids on the table before returning to get something to help everyone wash down their meal with. Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena were silent but each woried about what was under the lids of their bowls. Would it be ok or would it be horrible? Cristena nodded her head at Sindy, who quickly nodded her head to declare that she was, in no way, peeking under her lid. Sindy then looked to Mario and Louis, who neither wanted to either. Mario quickly nodded his which left Louis all by himself.

Mario, Sindy and Cristena held their breath as Louis reluctantly peeked under his lid. Then, his face went blank, leaving his friends confused. As a bang and clang came from the kitchen, Louis showed the bowl to the others and that it was, in fact empty. Mario, Sindy and Cristena raised their lids and found that there was nothing in their bowls as well. They quicly laid their lids down as Kelmare returned with six wooden mugs for them to drink from.

And with that, page 136 of The Boondock Kids is written. A wish goes out for everybody to have a wonderful Monday. May positive things find you!

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