Risk & Reward

Life is about choices, whatever choice you make determines what path your will steer your life down. For me, I chose a path that involves risk, and for me, a good amount of it.


Barney with 100 copies!

I have very much wanted to bring Barney & Lexi to Bridgeport Grade School and let the entire school meet them. To do this, I met with the school and life presented me with options: 1.) Take a chance (a risk) and work hard to reach the outcome I desired or 2.) Say I can’t do it and let the moment slip away, always regretting it.

Well, I want to succeed so it was #1 that I chose. Now that #1 meant making sure that I had enough books for every student I would be speaking with, that means a total of 1st, 2nd, & 3rd near 200 students and 200 copies of BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE. At $7.00 a book, you can see the risk I had decided to take.


Lexi with 100 copies!

I think of an old saying, “If you want to take the island, you have to burn the boats.”

I got out my credit card and declared my success to the world. Sitting at my feet are 200 copies of BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE. So, time for positive affirmation! I can make a logical guess, based on other school visits I have done, that I will sign 50% of them for some amazing young readers. That will leave me with 100 copies.

Ok, there are libraries everywhere that I know will let me do a signing for free, sell some then, cut that number down. Just like libraries, grade schools are coming up and the remaining copies will be snatched up, thus showing the reward of hard work. 200 young readers are getting to know Barney & Lexi, staying creative and know that it is alright to be imaginative as an adult!

Upon making this decision, a news station from upstate Indiana contacted me and asked to do a feature on Barney & Lexi. Because I chose to take a risk, I am going to a school that I have always wanted to present to, a large news station will be their, a newspaper will be there and it will be Facebook Live!

Remember, some of the hardest climbs lead to the best views, the longest walks lead to the best destinations and you can always take a risk and succeed or learn, but never do you have to fail!

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