Great News For A Great Day!

Today, I am very excited to announce that NBC WTWO out of Terre Haute, Indiana will be coming to 1 Imaginary Fox and producing a feature on BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE and on the 13 year road from that first day thru now.


Mr. Mike Tank, who comes from many years of reporting for ESPN and FOX will be coming to my home and talking to me about what it has taken to get to this moment in my career, then, Mike and crew will follow me to Bridgeport Grade School and will film my presentation to the students of BGS! It looks to take place next week, pending actual day approval by the teachers and administration, but it is a GO.

WTWO comes from a much larger region of up-state Indiana and this will make a perfect opportunity to reach readers in this area! I is my goal to be able to take B&L to Terre Haute and giving the students there a great presentation!

me finish column

As for today, I have an engagement scheduled with an amazing Girl Scout troop and will be taking Barney & Lexi to visit with them! I am very excited to meet the girls and know that B&L can’t wait! The troop ranges in age from Kindergarten to High School and will be a great opportunity to expand my presentation.

sumner girl scouts

This morning I completed this weeks column for The Sumner Press and sent it off to the paper. A great piece and I am looking forward to reading back this Thursday! As for now, I have to get ready to go to my evening job. I will be there for a couple of hours before leaving to make the drive to visit the Girls Scouts. I will then return and put in a late night to finish my work, but, when you want to succeed, you have to make it happen!

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!

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