Seven Locks On The Inner Door

What a wonderful weekend! I took Lynden and a friend of his to Mt. Vernon, Illinois and watched them participate in band solo and duet competition. We arrived with plenty of time and both boys got in plenty of practice.

Lynden was up first with his solo and he played brilliantly! We walked out of the classroom and stood in the hallway. Lynden said he messed up the last set of notes and was concerned about his grade. I assured him that if he had made any mistakes, he covered them wonderfully. Then came the score keeper to write his score. First! A medal will be given to him later this week at school.

lynden solo

Then we had some time between the solo and the boys duet so we went out to eat. I made sure two boys were full before returning to the middle school. Once there, we ran through their song a few more times before making our way to the same classroom. When it came time for the boys to perform, they rocked it in style!  They both were nervous while waiting in the hallway, then the score came. First! They went nuts!

before they scored

Before they got their results.

I took two very proud young men home afterwards!

after they scored

After they scored an almost perfect duet.

Sunday was a day spent with Ethan and Rylen. We played, watched the movie Inside Out.  They left early to go to dinner with their mother.

Today, I woke up early, took Ethan and Rylen to school, cleaned laundry and returned home and put together five mailers that went out to five different schools for visits with Barney & Lexi. Before I head to my evening job, I wrote anothe page of the Boondock Kids.

mailers out

Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena followed Kelmare and Rascone down the torch lit cavern until they came to a wooden door that was built into the rock wall. Two torches lit the door as Rascone pulled out a set of rusted keys and began to fiddle around, attempting to find the right key. He was offered help by both Mario and Sindy but graciously laughed and turned down their offers.

He did find the right key and unlocked the door. Then, from inside the door an explosion of clinking and clanking erupted and made The Boondock Kids each take one step back. Kelmare laughed and assured them that it was merely the seven locks inside the door freeing themselves and allowing the door to open.

Kelmare opened the door and asked everyone to overlook the mess, saying he was not expecting company or he would have cleaned his dwelling. Kelmare entered, thanking his friend and was thanked in return by Rascone. Once inside, no one could believe how clean and tidy Rascone’s home was, very warm, comfy and inviting.

Well, it’s time for work, have a great Monday evening! Never Stop Dreaming! Go For It!

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