Dirtus Fillorum

I got home from work last night and found a letter was sticking outside of my mailbox. I opened the mailbox and found some paper attached to this letter. Not able to see in the dark, I took it inside and found my oldest son, Lynden had left me a reminder of his big heart.

Lynden's heart

My children have so much heart!

Lynden always worries about my empty fridge and wanted to make sure that I had something to eat. He wanted to make sure I had gotten it so much that he walked over after I got home and made sure I had it. Also the attached papers were his schedule for band solo competition this Saturday we are going to.

This morning I finished reading my fifth book of the year! The books title is UP YOURS: FINDING AND CLIMBING YOUR LADDER OF SUCCESS by: Josh Liske. If your looking to improve your life and your business, I highly recommend this book to you!

five books

Finished my 5th book this year!

As for this later morning, I went back to work on The Boondock Kids and wrote out the next page. Before, Louis and Cristena had jumped through the opening in the ground and found themselves inside the flame-lit cavern of Rascone’s home.

As Louis and Cristena laughed, Mario and Sindy were assured they were both fine. The day light had now gone completely and Rascone encouraged Mario and Sindy to jump into the hole. Sindy agreed to go next and being that she has cat-like reflexes, she was able to land on her feet. However, she would no more than flip her hair out of her face before being pulled aside by Louis and Cristena.

“Hey,” Sindy said.

“Sorry, you don’t want what happen to us to happen to you do you?” Ciristena replied.

Just then, Mario fell to the ground, rolled over one time, stood up and quickly dusted himself off. Mario could not believe how awesome that was as he walked to the side and stared around the cavern.

Kelmare and Rascone followed and as each stood up, Kelmare began to shake himself off from the dirt as Rascone raised his hands towards the opening and said the words, ‘Dirtus Fillorum’. ┬áMario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena watched as the opening seemed to grow itself shut.

When Sindy asked what he had done, Rascone let everyone know that he was simply shutting his front door. He then assured The Boondock Kids that they could leave at anytime by using the words ‘Dirtus Uncovereth’.

After some hours of working for me this morning, I am going to get in a walk at a local state park before going in to work for a paycheck. Have a great afternoon and make the most of it!