Creative Writing

I walked into Lawrenceville High School to speak to Mrs. Barbara Large’s Creative Writing class that was made up of Sophomore, Junior and Senior students.

For this engagement, I would be talking about what I do when creating a story and what process has taken me from the first page of Marky, Slash & Levy to my current page of The Boondock Kids. I also decided to test my ability to go without an outline and have faith in myself to deliver a quality presentation and give something of value without needing notes to guide me.

And I pulled it off!

The students of this class were awesome and very engaged. I answered some great questions the class had as there next assignment is to write a children’s story. I told them to’just think like a kid’ which many laughed and said that would not be a problem.

I took the new Barney & Lexi posters and the high school students thought they were awesome! I have no doubt that elementary schools will love them! I know it! I love the reward given after that class. I done something again that I could not have done two years ago and feel incredible because I have pushed myself again and again!

Now yesterday, I the ball in motion to tackle my biggest fear. For a very long time, I have always wanted to return to my high school and speak with the graduating class. That was my biggest fear thought, because I never felt that I could pull off something like that in front of teenagers. That has remained my bar that I set for myself. I always believed that if I could over come the fears I had and make it reality, then I could do anything from there. In a couple of months, I will be standing in front of that bar and will climb right past it!

As if that doesn’t make me feel awesome enough for my work. I found out some fabulous news this morning that I can’t speak about just yet! I am brimming with excitement but have to wait until an official announcement. More will come.

As I finish for the morning, I hope you will have a great day and enjoy the beginning of your weekend!

P.S. Pictures are coming!

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