What’s Holding You Back?

The past week, I’ve been working on a website, setting up presentation dates and working on new avenues to get my word out. I have ignored my blog and while that has not been intentional, I take responsibility for slacking off on that!


I received a call yesterday from the printers yesterday, telling me the Barney & Lexi posters where done. I grabbed my keys and made the drive to pick them up. As I stood at the counter, I was super excited! When the people brought the posters out, they were wrapped in a very heavy paper and I became a kid at Christmas. I could not wait to get home and unwrap my present!


I returned home and pulled the posters out of their sleeves and was blown away. Barney and Lexi was brought to life! The poster look so cool and professional, I know the kids are going to go nuts over them! These are going to go great with the stuffed animals I have. The kids love the animals! To find success, I have to keep growing my presentation!

I got home very late last night and had to write my article for the paper. I got home and went to work. It took 25 minutes but I wrote a piece about not listening to the nae sayers. I got it sent off and actually caught the editor in the shop at midnight. There is nothing like staying up late to become self-made.

Now, in just over an hour, I will travel to a nearby high school and speak with a creative writing class. I am taking the posters to show them off as I talk with the students about what it takes to begin writing and the power of having drive.

So, it’s time to set things in motion. Don’t quit!



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