Setting Up March

So, I’m at work the other night, doing the cleaning gig and one of the teachers was in her room rather late.


Mrs. Large and I get along quite well and often have very intelligent conversations. We began discussing my writing and the question came up about speaking to others. As we talked, I uncovered a fact that I did not know before. Mrs. Large is not only an English teacher, she also runs a CEO class that inspires student members to be the best professionals they can be when striking out to be their own person or starting their own business.

It was a superb conversation and at the end, I am booked to speak to the writing class about my career as a writer and working through struggle to get here and the CEO class about finding drive and work ethic when you make the decision to create a personal brand for yourself. Going to get some press involved also which never hurts.


I went through all of the awesome ‘Thank You’ letters from N.I.C.E. students and read every story that they wrote and sent to me. One of the great things about my work is being able to hand write them a ‘Thank You’ letter myself to each of them. That is the real reward!


Also have my visit Mt. Carmel, Illinois again but this time, going to South Elementary School for a two hour visit where the kids will get to meet Barney & Lexi and we will have ourselves an awesome little school book signing! Very pumped about this!


Also going to be visiting with a local Girl Scout troop and speaking with them about my writing and what goes into turning a blank page into a published book. I love being able to give back and am excited to speak with these amazing girls!

I dropped by Ewing Printing of Vincennes, Indiana with photos of Barney & Lexi and sat in on the process of preliminary set up for creating standing posters of the two friends. What I saw was completely amazing and I can’t wait for the proofs, will be next week! I am so pumped to have visual aids going into the classes with me to should the kids!!

Today, I got one heck of an awesome surprise! While sending out some Barney & Lexi Packets, the mail lady dropped off a package and inside was my copies of my writers guild’s anthology: Timeless Treasures. Inside, on Page 50 is my story Into The Evermore! To be with so many other great and talented authors is amazing and I am honored to share the book with them! Super cool!


So, until next time, keep your head up and stay in the game! Want to say something? Just hit me up on here!!


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