1 Imaginary Fox!

If someone came up to me five years ago and said this statement;

“Your going to travel to schools and reach thousands of students, encourage them to keep reading and inspire them to write for themselves. Your going to become a speaker and use your ‘No Home To No Doubt’ story to reach high school students and adults and your going to make money doing this. Your going to write a column for a newspaper and become published in three different magazines. In other words, YOUR GOING TO GRIND YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS.”

I would not have believed it!!

Too often, fear holds us back and we run from things we fear. But in reality, 90% of what we are running from has no teeth in it and can not hurt us! When I realized this and began to spend 40- 50 hours a week reinforcing this by reading great books by Les Brown, Coyte Cooper, Steve Harvey, Josh Liske, Tony Robbins and listening to presentations by Eric Thomas, Jim Rohn, Zig Zigler, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith, Gary Vanerchuk and Nick Vujicic.

You see, five years ago, I got up when I wanted, went back to bed when I wanted, found fault in everything else, blamed others for my shortcomings and viewed my dreams as merely a fantasy that I was not sure would ever become my reality. You know what, I changed my mindset and changed my world!

But how did I do it?

*I get up at 5:30 a.m. in the morning. How could I ever be successful if the world is up    before I am?

*I read good books and stimulate my mind. Creating an intelligent mind is key to growing!

*I now find positive aspects in life. Finding faults is negative and fills your mind with negativity which is harder to combat once allow in.

*I manned up! Blaming others for my problems only kept me from realizing that only I could change my life, but had to accept I was allowing everything to happen.

*I got rid of ‘Energy Drainers’. If you spend your time with people who negatively affect you, you will never your energy to succeed but will use it to please others.

*I made connections. If you want to succeed at anything, meet and get to know others who are where you want to be. Mot times, these people will encourage you to keep going!

*I get outside my comfort zone everyday! Your comfort zone is like living in a box with a glass ceiling. You can see your future but are to afraid to break that glass ceiling and see what is possible. It will be worrisome, you’ll be nervous but the reward for pushing yourself will be indescribable!

*I made it about others.  Sure I want to succeed but when I began making it about the children I read to or the adults I speak with, I was overwhelmed with support and reward that I would have never received otherwise. Helping others has its own wonderful way of coming around.

I am so pumped to be able to get out there and go to work! Unlocking children’s imaginations when reading to them or having someone tell me they needed to hear my story and know I touched them in a positive way is rewarding and it has all happened because I decided to get up, get out and go to work. I accepted being a beginner, willing to succeed or learn but never fail. You can fail or your can learn! I have been quietly doing all of these things for the past year and now have leveled up to the point where I am ready to go all in and be heard!

So, check out my links and get in touch if I can visit your school or speak to your group. I would be pumped to help! Also, check out my friends on my sidebar! These folks are super amazing and changing the world everyday!

I want to leave you today with a phrase I say, “If You Want To Grow, You Got To Go!”





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