A Break

At work yesterday evening, a co worker came up to me and asked about my writing because he had just found out that I wrote books. I told him all about my work and how I am traveling to other schools and reading to children.

He then asked if I had contacted Vincennes (Indiana) schools because they are not to far of a drive from my hometown. I told him that I had  last year and had never heard back. That’s when a break came. My co worker said that he knew the superintendent and would find out what had happen.

Later that evening, I got a text saying that it was likely that my email had gone right to spam and was never seen. I was then asked to deliver a book and some information to the schools district office, the superentendent would push it on through.

I delivered the information and book, first thing rhis morning tonthe districts officeoffice.

This school system has four elementary schools and it is beginning to like many young readers will get to meet Barney & Lexi!

I also returned to Parkside Elementary and signed a copy of BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE for a student who bought a copy on his own!

So darn cool!

Well, have a great Monday afternoon! Enjoy It!

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