Great Day At Mt. Carmel Pt.4

This was my fourth and final day with N.I.C.E. in Mt. Carmel, Illinois and it will be remembered as my most memorable!

I have had so much fun and laughed so hard with these kids and made some wonderful memories with them. 

When it came time to leave my last class, a young lady came up to me and asked for a hug. I got the biggest hug ever from her as she told me that she wished I didn’t have to go. I also brought home three gifts from three students that now reside on my bulletin board. Handmade gifts are worth so much more than any check.

This same young lady asked me for a selfie but because the rest of the class wanted one and we did not have time left, we were unable to. I promised them that I would return and not only sign their books but give them selfies for the class website.

As I walked into the hallway, this young lady waved as I made my way down the hall. A ways down, I began to turn the corner and looked back to see the same young lady in the hallway and waving big league and hollered ‘Thank You!’

So many rewards this past four days have me feeling pumped and I can not wait to return so I can keep my promise to them!

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