Great Day In Mt. Carmel Pt.3

My third day in Mt. Carmel at N.I.C.E. (North Intermediate Center of Education) was an awesome day!

I began with the classes of the 4th grade and have to say that this group of kids are some of the smartest students around! Today, I asked the students how many pages I had brought with me that were printed out on my computer and had my first ever correct answer right out of the box! A young lady answered correctly at 1,000 pages and it is awesome to speak with such smart students that they can make such calculated guesses!

These young readers had so many questions! I was asked questions like, what made me start writing, who was one of my biggest influences, what is my favorite story of my seven and what my other characters names are. I loved hearing all of the stories about the kids dogs and cats. They light up when they get to talk about their pets and have some amazing stories and often are funny memories.

We laughed so much and had such a great time and I was in my car afterwards before I realized that we had forgotten to get our group picture! I wish we could have gotten out pictures but glad that the reason was because we ran out of time due to a great couple of talks and stories!

It is warming up some and I am glad to see the sun poke through the clouds! May you have a great afternoon and make every moment count!

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