A Great Day In Mt. Carmel Pt.1


What an amazing day! My first day at N.I.C.E (North Intermediate Center of Education) in Mt. Carmel, Illinois was a huge success! Not only where these amazing kids entertained, they were so smart and so super great to speak to!

Barney & Lexi were a huge hit with the students and It was so much fun sharing the story with them about how the two got lost in Lawrenceville. I can not wait for my second day followed by Thursday and Friday to end out the week!


While in Mt. Carmel, I was able to book a return trip in March and will be going to South Elementery School and introduce Barney & Lexi to all of the second graders! It will be memorable because after the school year ends, it will also be the end of South Elementary School. It will be closing its doors and moving to the location where N.I.C.E is located. In turn, N.I.C.E will be moving to the middle school because the seventh and eighth grade will be going to the high school. I am honored to be a part of the schools history before then!

Now it is time to head out. I wish for you, nothing but a wonderful afternoon and hope you life your life to the fullest!

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