Bring It On!


With another awesome week coming to a close, I am excited for the week ahead! After speaking to some amazing students at Red Hill Junior High and seeing my first article in my column published, I am looking forward. Tomorrow will mark my final visit to Parkside Elementary and speaking to students about Barney & Lexi. I have enjoyed my visits and love hearing that the students have had a blast!


It will begin special and will end special. On Friday, I will be visiting Bridgeport Grade School and speaking to both of my sons 1st and 2nd grade classes with Barney & Lexi. My boys have been asking me about this for a couple of months now and are so excited to know that the day has been set and I will be there!

Also, I have friend who is running a magazine publication about people who are working towards their dreams and I submitted my story to him. I am going to work very hard to get into this magazine and know it can be done! I will also be hearing back from the school system in Mt. Carmel, Illinois with dates and times to bring Barney & Lexi to them!


With a great week ahead for myself, I want to wish everybody a great week ahead and hope that you Live With Passion!!

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