Living On A Prayer

On the first day pf 2017, I was sitting at my desk and was talking with my son, Lynden, who was visiting me.

We were talking about contacting the literary agent and about what time would be best in 2017 to do this. I wondered if day one would seem too eager or if I waited a couple of weeks, would it appear as those I wasn’t serious about having an agent. 

Then, Lynden said,  “Do it now Dad, fear is not an option.”

He was right! 

I typed out my email as I had written days before, changing it again until I had an email that sounded like it was going to an old friend. Then I attached Barney & Lexi to it before clicking ‘Send’.

Now it is sitting in the inbox of a New York City literary agency and I am sending up prayer for a just outcome and positive result. I have come too far to ever turn back and feel a sense of major accomplishement as I wait for a reply.

Here is to hard work, drive and faith. I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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