Next Up

With Parkside Elementary now wrapped up, I am looking forward to Bridgeport Grade School at the end of the week and know that BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE will be a hit with the kids!

I am also very excited because I will be traveling to Mt. Carmel, Illinois next week and will begin a multiple day visit with students there. I know I will get some get photos with the kids and have an awesome time!

My 2nd article for my column in the Sumner Press is in and being published as we speak and I am pumped to see it released.

Have a wonderful afternoon and make it your best!!

Bring It On!


With another awesome week coming to a close, I am excited for the week ahead! After speaking to some amazing students at Red Hill Junior High and seeing my first article in my column published, I am looking forward. Tomorrow will mark my final visit to Parkside Elementary and speaking to students about Barney & Lexi. I have enjoyed my visits and love hearing that the students have had a blast!


It will begin special and will end special. On Friday, I will be visiting Bridgeport Grade School and speaking to both of my sons 1st and 2nd grade classes with Barney & Lexi. My boys have been asking me about this for a couple of months now and are so excited to know that the day has been set and I will be there!

Also, I have friend who is running a magazine publication about people who are working towards their dreams and I submitted my story to him. I am going to work very hard to get into this magazine and know it can be done! I will also be hearing back from the school system in Mt. Carmel, Illinois with dates and times to bring Barney & Lexi to them!


With a great week ahead for myself, I want to wish everybody a great week ahead and hope that you Live With Passion!!

Forward Progress

It has been an incredible couple of weeks!! I returned to Parkside Elementary School and spoke with 1st and 2nd Grade students. It was a wonderful week and the kids loved Barney & Lexi! Only a couple of days in, I returned to sign 10 copies of BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE for students and have been informed that 26 more are ordered! 

I am also confirmed for two more schools this week but am waiting to hear back on finalizing those plans.

This week, I spoke to the students of Red Hill Junior High School and had a super time encouraging the kids to reach for their dreams as I have. When I was finished speaking, two young ladies approachez me and thanked me for coming. I shook their hands and thanked them for letting me speak to them. We then talk for a few minutes about their own love of writing and I invited them to message me anytime they had a question of excitement regarding their writing career. This was so much fun and I want to do it again.

I have now submitted my personal story to success to a brand new magazine for motivational movers and shakers. More later on that but it would be an incredible way to help others reach tveir own personal target!

Next week, I will be going to a local grade school and speaking to two classes about Barney & Lexi. I am super pumped for this because by youngest sons are in those classes! My oldest is in the junior high and had a blast with me being there.

Now it’s time to go to work on some  Barney & Lexi posters that are going to be made. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!

Busy Couple Weeks

Starting this Tuesday, I am going back to Parkside Elementary to speak with 1st and 2nd graders about Barney & Lexi. I am looking forward to the little kids!

Then, this coming weekend, I will be traveling to Indianapolis for my friend, Coyte Cooper’s inagural live seminar ‘Make Your Mark Live’. While there, hope to have time for lunch with my friend, Magician Daniel Lusk.

Then coming back, on the 25th, I will be speaking to all of the kids of Red Hill Junior High School about my life in writing.

Then, I am awaiting word on my presentation to two classes of  Bridgeport Grade School with Barney & Lexi!

Have a great weekend and never stop working towards your goals!!

Long Time

I was told yesterday that I will have an opportunity to speak to my oldest sons english class this Spring. It has been a long while since I spoke to Lynden’s class!

As I wait for his teacher to get with me, I am thinking about this engagement and looking forward to affecting these students in a positive manner.

It’s On The Other Side!

Did you know that a setback can cause you pain? Did you know that on the other side of that pain is a reward?

Yesterday, I was not signed to a literary agency and although I never let that get me down, it did cause me some pain, because I worked very hard.

I stuck with it however, and today, I found the first paycheck from any magazine I have written for. $40.00 for something that only took me an hour to do and loved doing on top of that!

Always remember that, while it may hurt at the present, it also hides a present. A reward you have to push through to recieve!

I wish everyone a wonderful Wednesday! 

How You Look At It!

As you all can tell from the photo above, Barney and Lexi will begin 2017 with no agent.

Lots can be said but, this goal must keep going. I have come too far to ever walk myself back. I will keep trying to speak with schools and introduce Barney & Lexi to readers my own way.

It hurts a ton, but if I have learned anything over the last year, it is that you succeed or learn. Failure is not an option! Here’s to the future!

Living On A Prayer

On the first day pf 2017, I was sitting at my desk and was talking with my son, Lynden, who was visiting me.

We were talking about contacting the literary agent and about what time would be best in 2017 to do this. I wondered if day one would seem too eager or if I waited a couple of weeks, would it appear as those I wasn’t serious about having an agent. 

Then, Lynden said,  “Do it now Dad, fear is not an option.”

He was right! 

I typed out my email as I had written days before, changing it again until I had an email that sounded like it was going to an old friend. Then I attached Barney & Lexi to it before clicking ‘Send’.

Now it is sitting in the inbox of a New York City literary agency and I am sending up prayer for a just outcome and positive result. I have come too far to ever turn back and feel a sense of major accomplishement as I wait for a reply.

Here is to hard work, drive and faith. I hope you have a wonderful Monday!