The Boondock Kids Meet Rascone


Today have been so festive and productive!

This morning I took my kids to school, which I always enjoy, and watched as the school was preparing for it’s yearly Christmas programs. It would only be two hours before I returned for Ethan’s program, which was out of this world creative and a great time all in all.

After giving him hugs, I returned home and worked on full page for THE BOONDOCK KIDS. In this scene, Kelmare and Rascone are happy to have the chance to visit after not seeing one another for quite some time. Then, Kelmare explains that he has brought visitors. Rascone is very excited and as Kelmare takes him towards Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena, Kelmare explains that they are humans from the land of Red Hill.

Rascone becomes concerned about their safety, walking around Spyderia. Kelmare assures him that they will be most safe. Rascone trusts Kelmare when he assures something  and knows that all is well in the land of Warrenstead. He puts on a smile as he meets the four travelers and shakes their hand. Each one introduces themselves and it appears that everyone is going to have a great evening as the light fades away.

Now, after finishing that page, I was off to the school again for round #2 with Rylen and his Christmas Program. That boy had so much fun signing his songs and that program was wonderful to watch! I followed him back to his class for a bunch of hugs before leaving to prepare for my evening work.

I also have complied a couple more school names to my potential event locations! I believe my total now is up to 25 /6. I am very much looking forward to taking Barney & Lexi to new places and letting new readers meet them!

Well, off to work. Have a great evening and never stop running after your goals!


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