Day #2 @ Pakside

I finished up Day 2 at Parkside Elementary earlier and had a very excited group of young students today!

Getting ready to meet these readers!

These kids asked alot of very good questions and also gave me some amazing ideas for a future book as well!

Signing cards for the kids! 🙂

One of the many things I enjoy when talking with children is how quiet the are when being read to. It doesn’t matter what there lives may be like once you begin reading. Being read to makes everyone equal and the imagination gets to run wild! Have a great Tuesday everybody!

2 thoughts on “Day #2 @ Pakside

  1. The students have been inspired by your presentations in my Creative Literacy class at Parkside. I had two students show me their books today. One has completed chapter one already. Barney & Lexi are a hit! Looking forward to another great day tomorrow. Your books are amazing! The kids love them! Mrs. Felty

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