With 2017 almost here, so to come my moment with opportunity.

In 2017, I have the opportunity to reply to a literary agency in New York City about my book, BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE. 

The agency had expressed interest this past summer but could not talk with me because of a full project list for 2016. I was asked to write back after new years when things opened some.

With that, I began preparing tonight. After some rough drafts, I feel great about what I will say and am excited to see the possibilities that Barney & Lexi have in 2017!

As for tomorrow, I want to wish everybody a great Thursday! 

A Great Way To Spend Winter Vacation!

With schools out for winter break, I have to work the day shifts this week, to clean the school.

I came home and worked on my rental house until after dark before returning home for dinner.

I found I had missed a couple of messages and one of those included a wonderful pictures of just how one reader is spending their time off, with a copy of Barney & Lexi!

I am so pumped that kids everywhere are falling in love with these two! With that said, I gotta keep going!
I hope everybody enjoys a wonderful midweek and goes for it!

A Christmas Gift

Today, I received a great e-mail, and inside was this amazing picture!

BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE made it to the Gulf of Mexico and became Christmas gifts for to awesome young readers!

I love the smiles that a book can bring to a childs face. As an adult, we are raised in the world of electronics, but to our youth, they begin with the love of a book and the world that accompanies it!

The Boondock Kids Meet Rascone


Today have been so festive and productive!

This morning I took my kids to school, which I always enjoy, and watched as the school was preparing for it’s yearly Christmas programs. It would only be two hours before I returned for Ethan’s program, which was out of this world creative and a great time all in all.

After giving him hugs, I returned home and worked on full page for THE BOONDOCK KIDS. In this scene, Kelmare and Rascone are happy to have the chance to visit after not seeing one another for quite some time. Then, Kelmare explains that he has brought visitors. Rascone is very excited and as Kelmare takes him towards Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena, Kelmare explains that they are humans from the land of Red Hill.

Rascone becomes concerned about their safety, walking around Spyderia. Kelmare assures him that they will be most safe. Rascone trusts Kelmare when he assures something  and knows that all is well in the land of Warrenstead. He puts on a smile as he meets the four travelers and shakes their hand. Each one introduces themselves and it appears that everyone is going to have a great evening as the light fades away.

Now, after finishing that page, I was off to the school again for round #2 with Rylen and his Christmas Program. That boy had so much fun signing his songs and that program was wonderful to watch! I followed him back to his class for a bunch of hugs before leaving to prepare for my evening work.

I also have complied a couple more school names to my potential event locations! I believe my total now is up to 25 /6. I am very much looking forward to taking Barney & Lexi to new places and letting new readers meet them!

Well, off to work. Have a great evening and never stop running after your goals!


Happy Saturday!

Although it is a rainy day outside, it is much warmer and I am very happy to feel it. 

Today HP came through and got me more postcards of Barney & Lexi. While at Parkside Elementary, I ran out before every young reader had one. My promise to see that everyone got one will be fullfilled now and I am pumped about that!

Sitting at my desk, signing cards, I am so excited for how 2016 is ending and how awesome 2017 will be!

I hope you have a great Saturday afternoon and make the most of your day!!

Rockin’ Into 2017!

I must apologize for missing much of this week. My rental house has been keeping me busy with remodeling.

This week, I compiled a list of many great elementary schools in Illinois and Indiana and reached out with excitement about possibly speaking with the kids about Barney & Lexi.

I compiled this list and have 16 schools that are working with me to make this a reality.

Today, I recieved an e-mail, from a great school in Indiana, excited to have us after the schools office approves the visit! I am super siked, this has led to others asking me to come to their schools and giving so many great ideas!

I am very excited to begin traveling with Barney & Lexi farther away and sharing their story with so many great readers! 

Wishing everybody a safe, warm and happy Friday!

Now, Like Then

​In 13 years, I have been given the opportunity to be in many newspapers, magazines and online columns with my writing. In that time, I have never allowed one opportunity to mean anymore than another. Publications do not have to put in articles or pictures that they do not wish to, at their own will, and I demand humblness from myself with each one that allows me within their pages. I get just as pumped now as I did when the first reporter interviewd me after I wrote my first book. Gratitude is neccessary for growth and I have nothing but gratitude for every blessing!

I was so excited in going to Parkside and sharing BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE with them. I picked up the Daily Record to find that the kids and I made the paper and I am told the kids went crazy with seeing their picture in there. That is what makes this so much fun and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Asked To Return

My visit to the students at Parkside Elementary was so much fun, that I have been asked to return to visit the 1st and 2nd graders in 2017!

I have also been asked to visit the students of Bridgeport Grade School in Janurary! I am looking forward to introducing them to Barney & Lexi! 

My third children’s book: BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE, is making waves, which is awesome!

I want to take this Monday morning and share a few more pictures of last week with you! Have a great Monday everyone!