You Gotta Grind!


Well, the unseasonably warm November weather has gone and is quite cool now! None the less, today was a wonderful Saturday!

Today, Barney & Lexi arrived in full force as I prepare to read to both Ethan and Rylen’s classes before 2016 ends. 40 young readers will get a Christmas surprise after meeting B&L! I am very excited to read to these kids and hope they love Barney & Lexi.

mrs-flety-flyerBefore I go to Bridgeport Grade School to read to them, I will begin my school tour by reading to the students of Parkside Elementary and introducing Barney & Lexi to 100+ students! Bookmarks are being made and today, I got onto my PC and did the layout and design for the take-home-flyers that will be given to the students. I am very excited with the finished product and HP says that they should arrive within 7 days!

If you want anything in life, YOU GOTTA GRIND! I have been very congested today and had to nap some of that away. However, I got up and made sure that progress went on and not allowed to have a full day off!

Have a great weekend everybody, may your own success be just around the corner!!

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