Touching Moments

Yesterday was a great day! My youngest son, Rylen, began learning wrestling and was at the high school last night, allowing me the chance to see him having fun and being able to give him a hug before returning to work after my lunch break. I love my kids and hugs are a huge thing in our house!!

The same work shift began with a co-worker stopping me in the hallway and told me that he had been reading throw my blog for a couple of days and want to let me know how proud he was of me. I asked him what he was proud of and his reply was that he had no idea what my past looked like and was proud of me for fighting through it.

I told my co-worker that fighting is the only option, failure is not. I said that many have gone through more than me. He replied that everyone has their own level of struggle and instead of giving up, I am fighting.

Then he shook my hand and in that moment I felt a rush of emotion, a sense of everything being right and I have no doubt in my mind that I am on the right path and will arrive where I am going soon enough! I thanked him for his kind words and we parted ways.

If you want something in life, you MUST be willing to take the hits and you will be rewarded with moments that keep you going! It is easy to walk away, it is essential to fight!!

Soon I will travel to a nearby elementary school and speak with a teacher who read Barney & Lexi and asked if she could speak with me. I am excited to speak with her and push myself forward! To succeed, you MUST get outside of your comfort zone and push forward!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! Please get out and vote!!


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