Overnight In Spyderia

Today was a great day! I spent much of it with my two younger sons and made some memories and what is better that making great memories! We began with a homemade breakfast of eggs, sausage and toast. My children love our breakfast together and I love watching them come into the kitchen and smile as the eggs cooked in the skillet, the sausage cooks in the microwave and the toast warms in the toaster.

After eating, we played many games of Luigi’s Ghost Mansion and Mario Chase before ending it up with a several games of Paw Patrol Board Game, which we love to play. I then went next door and began to paint my second son’s room before realizing that I had picked up a bad batch of paint which I will correct tomorrow.

As the sun set, I hugged my children goodnight and returned home to make my dinner and get back to work on the next page of The Boondock Kids. Tonight I did something different. I wrote while listening to motivational speeches and find myself empowered and after this great weekend, I know that I am now empowered to reach out there and take my goals and make those goals my reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Boondock Kids found themselves in Warrenstead and discover more about Kelmare’s ability to use the Spyderian Escalator and transport everyone out of harms way. He explains that Eldenthornes have an ability that other creatures lack in the ability to manipulate the Spyderian Escalator and use it to move from one point to another within the blink of an eye. When Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena joined hands, they created a ring and once Kelmare touched that ring, he was able to transport himself and The Boondock Kids to safety.

Kelmare then noted that they were much closer to Serabantha Castle and would be there by morning if they walked until dark and then rested. Staying overnight in Spyderia worried Sindy. Mario reminded her that when they decided to return home that it would be the same time it was when they had left. Sindy knew that but was rather worried about staying overnight in Spyderia. She did not want to stay outside where she felt they would not be safe. Kelmare explained that the inhabitants of Warrenstead were the friendly Platidons and he had a very close friend name Rascone who would let them stay in his dwelling.

Platidons live in beautiful and comfortable burrows and would give The Boondock Kids a safe place to rest before reaching Serabantha Castle. Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena felt good with Kelmare’s assurance that Rascone was most friendly and provided a place to rest. They wanted to see the castle and agreed to meeting Kelmare’s friend and resting for a spell.

And with that, a new week is about to arrive and I will be meeting it head on and with passion. I hope you will do the same and enjoy your wonderful Monday!

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