Arrival Of The Handouts

Today, I completed a ton of jobs that needed done. From cleaning the gutters to patching my roof and putting the first coat of paint on the living room walls of my front rental house. I have to say that paint changes so much.

I am also excited because my handouts for the kids of Parkside Elementary from HP! They look amazing and I can hardly wait for the kids to have them!

After seeing the results, I will be using HP again for my signage needs. It turned out better than it appeared on my computer screen.

Now it is time to see my children. Have a wonderful night. I hope you are able to enjoy this Thanksgiving weekend.

A Great Review!

I got a wonderful review from Mrs. Felty, a literary teacher at Parkside Elementary School.

She read BARNEY & LEXI: LOST IN LAWRENCEVILLE and she was so gracious with informing me that she found B&L very enjoyable and an interesting read.

I love hearing the compliments. They, just like the setbacks, push me closer to representation and getting Barney & Lexi on shelves nationwide!

Tomorrow begins the holiday weekend. Be warm and safe as you travel!

A Knock On The Willow


My favorite holiday is now in the books for 2016. I love Thanksgiving and look forward to it every year! There is something about great food and great memories that are made that makes this holiday so special. It is better than Christmas because you are allowed the family and friend time and all of the wonderful food that is prepared and do not have the worry of gifts being brought into the fold.

My Thanksgiving was at my folks home, where there is plenty of room and my father always has the wood stove on the front porch going, creating such a wonderful Fall environment inside for dinner! My kids look forward to turkey, noodles and deviled eggs and always leave the able full. This time has left me more thankful than ever!

I am thankful tonight because I sat down and wrote another page of The Boondock Kids. As Kelmare landed Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena  into he land of Warrenstead, he was offering to take them to the dwelling of his friend, Rascone, a Platidon who lived there, for rest.

Everyone agreed to go and it was only a short distance to Rascone’s home. Kelmare asked his friends to stand still as he made his way towards a large willow tree. Once at the base of the willow, Kelmare felt around for the right spot of bark and began to gently knock on it as if it were a door. Louis and Cristena question Kelmare and his knocking. He lets them know that the knock will be carried through the roots of the tree and echo into Rascone’s dwelling. Kelmare also has a gentle knock that Rasone will recognize who is above ground.

Sindy asked Kelmare if they would wait long. Then Rascone appeared, a four foot tall beaver with brown fur and brown skin tail. He wore a belt and sash that had pockets for storing items and walked as easy as The Boondock Kids themselves walked. Kelmare and Rascone greeted one another by hugging and then shaking hands.

Now, it is almost 1 a.m. and my morning will come early as I am going to be working on my rental house and want the most of the daylight I can get to work. I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving and are safe in the shopping days that follow.

Run after your dreams!

Keep On Keeping On

This morning was the first morning that small puddles of water had iced over, signalling the coming of a new season. This morning also allowed me to get four more magazines written to and some more preparation done for my upcoming visits to Parkside Elementary School.


Today, I wrote to the magazines: Puritan, Bomb, 3 A.M. and Narrative. All four accept interviews and I am looking forward to hearing from them over the next couple of weeks. I am always prepared for a rejection but I am still driven to write as many as I possible can and not let that slow me down, but rather, fail forward.


I am also excited because I had a wonderful Sunday with my children! With the leaves all fallen around our home, we spent the afternoon, raking and blowing leaves away. There was a ton of laughing and my kids earn the money they made from working  hard.


I have been listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger give success speeches all morning and believe him 100% when he says, “You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.” So, before I had to my paying work, that doesn’t feel like work, let me wish you a wonderful Monday and hope success is finding you today!


You Gotta Grind!


Well, the unseasonably warm November weather has gone and is quite cool now! None the less, today was a wonderful Saturday!

Today, Barney & Lexi arrived in full force as I prepare to read to both Ethan and Rylen’s classes before 2016 ends. 40 young readers will get a Christmas surprise after meeting B&L! I am very excited to read to these kids and hope they love Barney & Lexi.

mrs-flety-flyerBefore I go to Bridgeport Grade School to read to them, I will begin my school tour by reading to the students of Parkside Elementary and introducing Barney & Lexi to 100+ students! Bookmarks are being made and today, I got onto my PC and did the layout and design for the take-home-flyers that will be given to the students. I am very excited with the finished product and HP says that they should arrive within 7 days!

If you want anything in life, YOU GOTTA GRIND! I have been very congested today and had to nap some of that away. However, I got up and made sure that progress went on and not allowed to have a full day off!

Have a great weekend everybody, may your own success be just around the corner!!

Sick But Moving On!

Today, I am coughing, have a running nose and congested. Still, that isn’t going to stop me from taking another step froward!

I spoke with both INTERVIEW and NAILED magazines this morning about my writing journey and hope approvals are made to run those interviews!! Although I don’t feel good, I will keep myself near the fire and being hungry for success!!

Next up, I begin working on my next school visit and putting together a great presentation for those great kids!! I wish everybody a wonderful Friday!!! Stay Strong!!

“You need to tell YOU, that YOU owe YOU something!” Eric D. Thomas

A Great Day!

With a great day outside in Southern Illinois, I did my morning reading, read a scripture for the day and went for my morning jog.

To took my children to school and returned home for a morning of Les Brown on the Youtube and worked on my writing.

Before I head to work now for the evening, I am excited to have emailed Driftwood Magazine and post mail The Sun Magazine and look to hear back from them very soon!

As I head out, I want to wish everybody a wonderful afternoon and hope success find everyone today!