Chased By Whimsics


This week has been a difficult one for me. The truth is, my positive train derailed and led to a very rough and uncomfortable Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I drove this crazy train for many months now, staying focused, being positive and creating some successes here and there. With that daily grind, stress began to build over those months and many things unraveled in the middle of this week, leaving me worse for wear. Just like with any success, strain means that your growing.

I stumbled over those three days and spent most of it trying to force myself back on my feet to carry on. I realized that it happens sometimes and regardless of what happens in those moments of strain, my character is building and who I am is being molded into a success.

I remembered to focus on all that I have invested in myself and thank my God for understanding why I fell. Tonight I sat down and cranked out not one page but two pages in The Boondock Kids and have gotten them into the wonderful land of Warrenstead.

I refuse to lay down, the struggle hurts, but you want to know the truth? Doing nothing hurts worse!! I could choose to lay down, I could take the easy path and say what I have is good enough, but IT ISN’T!!! I will become a successful FULL-TIME author and I will not get there by laying down! I was hit hard for the first time in a long while, but those I was hit hard, I will keep going! I will not stop for nothing and nobody!! Now to tonight’s writing!

Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena stood on a plateau with Kelmare inside the Clawthorne Mountains. They began to feel as if something was coming and found themselves standing face to face with a Whimsic at last entry.

Kelmare begins to explain that if they make there way, slowly down the side of the plateau, perhaps one Whimsic will not attack them. Staying together would confuse the Whimsic into thinking that together, they were one single being.

Mario, Sindy and Kelmare began to back away while Louis and Cristena froze in their tracks at the site of second Whimsic. When Sindy realized that they were in trouble she alerted Mario and Kelmare. Kelmare then slowly made his way towards Louis and Cristena, who had decided to attempt slowly backtracking.

Suddenly a third Whimsic appeared and the three began staring at the five before them. Kelmare only reached halfway towards Louis and Cristena before the Whimsics quickly raised their arms and signaled an attack. Kelmare hollered for his friends to run down the slop next to the plateau as fast as they could. Mario and Sindy quickly made their way down the slop while Kelmare reached the edge of the plateau and turned to see that Louis and Cristena were going to reach the slop.

Kelmare then began his decent down the slop, followed by Louis and Cristena.Kelmare caught up with Mario and Sindy and snatched them up and wisked them around the corner of a large boulder. He asked them to quickly hold a hand and wait for his instruction. Kelmare then peered around the corner just in time to see Louis and Cristena. He quickly swooped them up and around the boulder.

Asking everyone to hold hands, the howling sounds of the approaching Whimsics could be heard. Mario, Louis, Sindy and Cristena were scared and closed their eyes. Feeling the Whimsics almost upon them, Kelmare placed his hands on the shoulders of Sindy and Cristena, who where right in front of him and the five disappeared from behind the boulder.

Just then, the Whimsics bolted around the boulder and let out loud shrieks that echoed the valley. They had lost their victims and where not happy about it.

Everyone would open their eyes and find themselves in a pleasant meadow that was covered with gentle grasses and wheeping willow trees. A calm breeze blew and skky light cast shadows of the trees on the meadow.

Louis asked where they were and Kelmare replied that they were now in the land of Warenstead.

It is now almost midnight and 5:30 will come soon. Time to head off to bed and prepare for a day that will see me back on my feet! Have a wonderful Monday and live it to the fullest!

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