When You Start Your Day On YOUR Terms!


5:30 a.m. and my alarm sounds. I open my eyes and for a brief moment, I think to myself about how it was time to go into work again. Then reality knocked at my door and reminded me that I no longer had to be at a job until 2p.m.!

I laid in my bed for five minutes, thanking my God for blessing me with this wonderful change in my life and admiring the feeling of waking up early on a Monday morning and doing things my own way for the first time since I began working 22 years ago.

What did I do? I fed the dog, cat, fish and hermit crabs. I took the dog outside for a bathroom break. Read some more pages of my friend Coyte Cooper’s newest book: MAKE YOUR MARK. I ate cereal for the first time in two years and finished with my vitamin. Next, the dog and I went on a two block jog in the great morning breeze. I found out that Lynden’s dog, Rascal, only has one running speed and that is slow! LOL.

We returned home in time for a quick shower, when Ethan and Rylen came over for me to take them to school for the first time in almost three years. Lynden walks the two blocks to the Junior High. What excitement to take them and hug them, wishing them a positive day ahead! Then home to do the laundry.

I cleaned the vacuum and put new sheets and comforter on my bed. I ran some errands, dropping off some things and also picking some things up. I also checked to see that the next edition of Tri-State OUTDOORS Magazine will be out the first of November and I am super excited for its release!

Now it is time to head to a job that I do not feel is like word but rather an opportunity to make money while working on my future. If you have a goal then do not stop working towards it! Never let anyone or anything slow your determination! Have a wonderful day and Live With Passion!

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